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  Note: Because of the way the Norwester pages were formatted, some of the names did not appear next to the appropriate photos, so I've tried to label them the right way. if you're looking for someone and can't find him or her, please check the pages adjacent to the one you would think it's on! Remember, too, that some people's photos are out of order, too, so please check the last few pages.
    Achbach - Allen Keinzle - Lankamer
  Allerding - Arthur Larrimer - Linville
  Augenstein - Batley Lipitz - Marks
  Bacon - Bauer Makley - Meckstroth
  Bean - Bonifield Meek - Michael
  Bonnie - Bradford Miely - Jim Miller
  Braithwaite - Cato Julie Miller - Morris
  Brose - Chapman Morley - Nowell
  Christy - Comfort Nutter - Parrish
  Compton - Cravens Patterson -Powell
  Crim - Dill Patterson - Ramsey
  Daneshvari - Doyle Rankin - Rhine
  Doyle - Elder Richards - Roper
  Ellenwood - Eschliman Rouse - Shafer
  Evans - Flory Shannon - Sheriff
  Forsythe - Friley Shuey - Springer
  Furney - Gonser Slivinski - Stanley
  Gordon - Gregg Stempien - Teachnor
  Gray - Guglielmi Stevenson - Townsend
  Hackenberg - Havener Trotter - Wagner
  Hazelbaker - Hiltabiddle Warden - Watson
  Hindall - Huntzicker Wheatley - Wiseman
  Hurd - Ivers Wolfe - Zonak + extras
  Jackson - Jordan Extras
  Kable - Keifer Mike Milligan