Jack Cochran, of Headsweats.com, is supplying the hats for the 2014 45-year reunion.

The hats are washable, airlight, supremely wicking hats that now dominate the triathlon, rowing, and adventure racing worlds. They are flexible and crushable - you can shove them into a pocket but they spring back to shape immediately. Very cool!

Click the images below to enlarge so you can see the designs. We are offering both hats and visors, and you can select from the traditional UA69 logo or a Golden Bear with "UA" on it as the logo.

Hats and visors are priced the same at $15 each.

You can order your hat(s) and visor(s) when you send in your reunion reservation form.

Jack has also extended a discount to anyone who wishes to buy anything from the Headsweats.com web site. Select something you like and at the checkout, enter the code "UA69" to receive a 25% discount! Thank you, Jack!
We are offering a traditional white cotton t-shirt with our UA69 logo on the left front chest and on the back. Black polo shirts will have a small logo on the left chest and a small "UA69" on the sleeve in gold.





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