Michael O'Rourke is our Class historian, as he has a HUGE collection of memorabilia going all the way back to his early years at Fishinger. He has also generously offered to contact as many of our former teachers as he can, and we hope that many of them will be able to attend our reunion. Thank you, Michael, for all your contributions and hard work!

See Michael's collection of memorabilia!

Read an article from the 1966 Hastings student newspaper:
The Cub Courier
Citizens Of The Month
by Judi Snedegar

The ninth grade citizens of the month are Donna Sell, Denise Kontras, and Kim Booth.

Denise especially likes tennis and volleyball, french fries and coke, English and home ec., Chad and Jeremy and all their songs, sewing, talking on the phone, and eating. She would like to pursue a teaching career, most favorably in the field of home economics. Besides being one of the co-editors of the Cub Courier, Denise is actively involved in G.A.A. and Y-Teens. Bugs and worms are her pet peeves.
Attention Jay Ball and Denny Dicke - you're mentioned in this recollection, "The Burn," of Michael O'Rourke's from the Herb Yenser Choir Days!
The Burn
The Road Not Taken
Remember the "Twixt Teens" column in the Upper Arlington News? See this one written by Denise Kontras! You may even be mentioned in it.
Hey Sports Fans - how about this March 20, 1969 UA News article from Michael's collection regarding the basketball team?This was the game for which students paid 75 cents admission to see the seniors battle it out with the juniors and then watch the faculty hammer the WCOL Lively Guys. Mentioned in the article: Neal Billman, Marv Crosten, Jim Hamilton, our senior team, and a bunch of WCOL guys , including "Mr. X"? Our team, of course, is referred to as "The muscle-laden youth." And every ONE of them has remained buff and strong for 35 years!
Here's an article in the March 20, 1969 UA News about the basketball team, with photos of Dave Eschliman, Jay Ball, and Denny Dicke.
Did you go to Barrington? Maybe you had Mrs. Tudor for fifth grade? She gave this class roster to Ellen Isaly Clark a couple of years ago; on it, she wrote what each student had given her for Christmas. If you click the photo on the left from 1999, you'll see Miss Grace McKee on the left (first grade) and Mrs. Neta Tudor on the right. Aren't they lovely ladies? Sadly, both of these amazing teachers have since passed away.





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