Many of these bios were written back in 1999; some were updated for the 2004 reunion,and some for the 2009 reunion. If you don't have a bio up yet, please send it to me and I'll add it (please fel free to send photos too). It doesn't have to be long or complicated, but please do let us know what's going on with you. The bios are in alphabetical name by last name (maiden name, if applicable).
To send in your bio, or to update the one that's up here, please email Ellen.
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Anderholm, Dennis
Baas, Gretchen
Baldwin, Norm
Basford, Steve
Batley, Rosalind
Beer, Eugene
Benalcazar, Berta
Bernays, Lynda
Bonifield, Nancy
Bonnie, Sharon
Brisley, Sue
Brown, Michael
Busby, Cathy
Caldwell, Pat
Cardi, Phil
Christison, Laurie
Clark, Bill
Clark, Gary
Classon, Diana
Close, Michelle
Collins, Stan
Cook, Candice (Shanti Du Coeur)
Cool, Candy
Daniel, Annette
DeVennish, Julie
Dix, Pete
Doering, Roger
Downs, Vicki
Dynes, Patrick
Edwards, Karen
Elam, Patti
Elder, Debbie
Ellison, Anne
Ervin, Mary
Eyre, Curt
Fergus, Jim
Fisher, Connie
Forsythe, Guy
Foster, Steve
Fraley, Pam
Frick, Diane
Gambs, Sue
Gard, Harry
Garvin, Charlie
Gavin, Lyn
Goldsmith, Steve
Graves, Bob
Grinch, Dean
Hardie, Birti
Hall, Garry
Harding, Dave
Hart, Kathy
Heap, Ray
Heckman, Craig
Holloway, Steve
Huddy, Joellen
Hunt, Rick
Huntzicker, Ann
Isaly, Ellen
Ivers, Nancy
Jones, Rick
Jones, Sue
Justice, Andi
Kable, Kristy
Kaparos, Nick
Kelsey, Linda
Kern, Lauren
Kontras, Denise
Larrimer, Bob
Lewis, Carter
Carol Linberg
Livingston, John
Macklin, Linda
Madden, Beth
McLane, Cyndy
McMahon, Colleen
May, Julie
Meisel, Paul
Mintzer, Tish
Moffitt, Jay
Morris, Robin
Murison, Jeanne
Murphy, Vickie
Murray, Dave
Neale, John
Neubeck, Denise
Patterson, Candy
Pfeifer, Ken
Nolan, Linda
Perry, Sue
Pfefferle, Libbie
Polk, Steve
Radcliff, Michael
Reinhart, Harry
Reinwald, Bruce
Renkert, Craig
Rhine, Ed
Roberts, Doug
Russell, Bob
Sheriff, Elizabeh
Sims, Steve
Stafford, Sheryl
Taylor, Anne
Teachnor, Cindy
Thompson, Dana
Todd, Martin
Torrence, Jeff
Trabue, Nancy
Von Rohr, Twink
Warden, Debbie
Watson, Linda
Wheatley, John
Whipple, Sally
Whiteman, Linda
Wiley, Larry
Williams, Becky
Williams, John
DENNIS ANDERHOLM - It is the 40th reunion coming up and I am truly looking forward to it. We appear to be approaching that point where life seems more precious than ever as we get closer to our 60's. I used to say "when I hit 60, take me out and shoot me" but am now beginning to have second thoughts about that. I can't believe how many of my friends from the school days have passed away.

I still own Airfoil Impellers, a cast aluminum fan manufacturer here in Texas, where I've worked for over 30 years now. Time flies when you are having fun. At the same time, I've been a heavy investor in the stock market. I was writing a book on investing that was almost ready for publication, then the October meltdown of the financial market hit like the sting of a bee, and the book was garbage. I still have it on the computer, and making revisions almost daily. We'll have to see what happens over the next couple of years.

I'm still divorced, have two sons, 26 & 14 (imagine that! 12 years between kids) and still have a better relationship with the ex now that we're divorced. We still have a close relationship, and agreed that the kids would always come first. Seems to work! The 26 year old (John) is fulfilling his dream in Computer Animation. He has worked on big screen films like Everyone's Hero, Shrek, Enchanted, and The Wild just to name a few. What a thrill to be in the theater, and watch the credits to see your son's name on the big screen.

Seth, my 14 year old is also artistically talented. He is also into cameras, and asked if he could come to the reunion to take pictures. So everyone smile when he hits you up for your picture. He is doing it for Ellen, so she can take life easier this year.

After living here for 32 years I have not found any replacements for the two longest words in the Texas Language, which are "sheeeeeeeeeeeet" and "godaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaam". See Y'all in Columbus!

UPDATE: October, 2013: I have just reached the "Empty Nest" syndrome, having delivered my youngest child Seth to college this last summer. I am taking every opportunity to travel with my ex wife of 14 years (we were married for 20 years before that) and that's all I'm going to say about my ex! I have been hitting the golf course as much as I can, as I've set up my company to run without me.

With my eldest son living in London England, I've become somewhat of an international traveller. Last summer was my first overseas flight ever, and it took two trips over there to feel comfortable. Looking forward to the 45th this year, and with some luck, I will bring my son Seth to do the photo shots again.

GRETCHEN BAAS: After U.A., I went east to school - Ohio State! I graduated from OSU in 1973 with a B.S. in Home Economics. Like so many graduates, I didn't exactly find a great career in my field of study. I worked in H.R. (better known as Personnel back in the dark ages) for Mt. Carmel East and the Owens-Illinois Television Products plant in Columbus. I finished my career in the Public Relations office at Grant Hospital downtown. In 1975, I married Ed Towers (U.A. class of '66). Ed ran Ohio Business Materials and Towers, Inc. We lived in Grandview for one year and then bought our first house on Mt. Holyoke (first house on the east side of the street just south of Ridgeview) in U.A. I retired when our son, Bill (Edward William Jr.) was born in 1979. We moved to Carmel, IN, in 1980 for a career change for Ed. Then we moved to Chicago in 1984 for another position for Ed and we have been here in the north suburbs ever since. We live in Lake Forest which is home to the Chicago Bears and Michael Jordan. Our son graduated from Kenyon College (Gambier, OH) in 2002. Ed retired from his career in mergers & acquisitions along with corporate life in 2001 and spent some time deciding what he was going to do for the rest of his life. I had spent many years working on fund raising for various groups and volunteering. Now that Ed was at home, my life changed. We decided to start a M & A firm in 2002. Our firm is TIGER Brokerage Group and we work with owners of privately held businesses to sell or acquire. I came out of retirement and have been the office "go-fer" ever since. Our son joined Ed in 2002 and has been learning the business along with working on a Masters in Financial Services. Last summer, Bill married a lovely girl named Anne. We are so fortunate that they live only 15 minutes from us. Ed and I celebrated our 34th anniversary in April of this year. I am really looking forward to seeing classmates this coming weekend at our 40th reunion!
NORM BALDWIN: I transferred from Tremont to Fishinger in the middle of the third grade and moved to Kentucky after finishing the sixth grade. My father (OSU professor) took a job at UK and subsequently the University of Georgia (UGA) in Athens where I finished high school, BA, and PhD. I have since had a career as a college professor at Texas Tech, Cal State Fullerton, and, for the past 21 years, at a different UA-the University of Alabama. I currently direct the Master of Public Administration program, teach courses in organization theory and public personnel
governmental organizations. I also married into a huge football family. Thirteen family members played division one college football, including an uncle and four cousins who played under Bear Bryant-they hate it when I delight in talking about Woody, Warfield, Matte, and Snell! Music-wise, after the close of our class production of the HMS Pinafore in 1963, I never set foot on stage to sing for 45 years. However, I now do the lead vocals in a band that plays Motown and classic rock (and haven't been on stage since last night!). Enough of me. See the attachment if you are curious about what you were like between the age of five and 12!
STEVE BASFORD: I have been the play by play announcer for Ohio Wesleyan football and basketball games streamed online since 2013.
ROSALIND BATLEY Doctor in Columbus specializing in pediatric rehabilitation.
EUGENE BEER: Retired from Telecom in 2001. Since then, I'm a musician performing around Ohio as The Piano Peddler. Also serve as Chief Engineer and Producer for several local FM community radio stations:

WGRN (The Green Renaissance) 94.1 &
WCRS (What Cols Radio Strives For) 92.7 & 98.3
WCRM (3PM-3AM) 102.1

BERTA BENALCAZAR: Practicing Dentistry with my husband. Three adult kids and two grandchildren

LYNDA BERNAYS: My greatest joys are my husband, my children, my grandson, my church and my job - not necessarily in that order, but sometimes.

Back in high school: studious, sorta serious, dated a swimmer, loved to read.
Now: recently retired, mom of 2 and Gran to 3, outdoorsy, love to read, happily married.

NANCY BONIFIELD CONE: I left UA in 1969 for college at Kent State University. During my second year there, my dad was transferred to Pittsburgh, PA where he and my mom lived the rest of their lives. After college, I stayed in Kent and married a "local boy." Tom and I lived in Kent for a few years before moving to New Jersey for a year, Southern California for 8 years, and finally settling in St. Louis, Missouri in 1987, where we have lived since. We have 2 sons and 1 daughter, all now married.
SHARON BONNIE JUDAH: I'm currently immersed in a non-profit, Orphan’s Promise, raising funds for vulnerable and at risk children throughout the world. I travel extensively, enjoy stimulating relationships with our contributors and find a significant purpose in my work. My late husband, Steve, died in 2008 of esophageal cancer. We were married for 37 years, enjoyed raising three daughters as Steve worked to build his practice, Psych-Care, as a clinical psychologist. During those 37 years I raised children, dabbled in staging homes and interior design which I continue to enjoy and built friendships …. I think the essence of life is relationship. Compacting 50 years into a few sentences is challenging at best but let me simply say that even with profound losses, life has been good. I have six fabulous grandkids who call me ‘meme' until they are old enough to say, Grammie. My eldest, Heather lives in Colorado and has a real estate brokerage in Keystone and Breckenridge. She and her husband are raising three children. Hillary my middle child lives in Cinci with her 3 children and husband, Graham, a P&G brand marketing specialist. Holly lives here in UA and is working as a hair stylist and flipping a condo in Grandview with her fiancé’. I look forward to reconnecting with many of you at our 50th!
SUE BRISLEY HAMPTON: I have a fulltime job as a nurse, but spend a lot of time with volunteer activities. I am active with Scouts BSA, Safety Officer with county dive rescue /recovery water team, transport rescue dogs on Saturdays, and a member of the North Carolina State Medical Assistance Team (as in hurricanes/floods/other disasters.) In UAHS I joined the Civil Air Patrol Program, got involved with the first aid and rescue aspects. That directed my life. I moved to North Carolina to attend college, finished Nursing Degree at University of North Carolina-Charlotte. I have done Emergency and Occupational Health Nursing for 45 years. My "fun stuff" was bringing the state of North Carolina up to the knowledge that women can function in many emergency service programs. I was the first woman in the Charlotte Life Saving Crew and then an officer. One of the first community college instructors in the Emergency Medical Technician courses. Then the first woman graduate of the North Carolina Rescue College and then first female instructor for the College. In 1985 we moved to Greensboro, NC. I continued to teach rescue programs across the state as well as stepping back into scouting with my sons. When our oldest son graduated from high school and started training to be a fire fighter, I joined him to "push that envelope" for women in firefighter careers. Added 20 years of that volunteer life.

MICHAEL BROWN: (2014) I have lived in Columbus for 3 years now. After H.S went in the Marine Corps followed by college @ Ohio University and Rutgers University. Currently employed with the City of Columbus @ Franklin County Municipal Courts.

UPDATE 2019: Enjoying grandchildren and retirement

CATHY BUSBY - My family moved to California when I was 16, so I didn't graduate from UAHS, but I grew up there (Wickliffe, Hastings and UAHS). I was one of a pack of girls who did everything together, and some of my fondest memories are of our Girl Scout troop (not considered "cool" in junior high but we had too much fun to care). I am planning to see many of those "girls" at the 40th reunion. I also hope that those who can't make it will see this posting and email me.

1967 was a great year to move to California, and although I cried nonstop for my Arlington friends the entire first year, I quickly got into the lifestyle of sunshine, beaches, hiking, fresh fruits and veggies, and the LA music scene. After graduating from a gigantic open-air-campus high school, I had a few years as a free spirit in the coastal canyons of southern California, riding horses by day and exploring the jazz-rock fusion scene by night. Then I decided I needed to find a discipline I could focus on. Geology has been my passion ever since.

I got to Berkeley after all the excitement had died down, but it was still a fun place to get a BS degree, and it was super-intense academically. I paid my own way through college by giving haircuts to dogs. From there I got a fellowship to go "Ivy League" for a PhD at Princeton. The proximity to NYC also allowed me to informally study the ballet world at one of its greatest zeniths ever. Now my oldest daughter is a dance critic. My PhD research consisted largely of back-packing in Sequoia National Park, making geologic maps. I was lucky enough to get a professorship straight out of graduate school, so I had tenure in the bag when I gave birth to my three children (in my late 30's). A brush with death at 40 (breast cancer) made me more determined than ever to live life big.

I have been on the faculty at the University of California at Santa Barbara for 26 years now. I take students and other professionals on field excursions into remote areas all over the world, and I like volcanoes the best. I really wish there were a lot more women in my field, but I would choose field geology all over again anyway. My three daughters are my happiest and greatest achievement, but Earth exploration is my biggest interest. I am a total travel nut. We just got back from a sabbatical year in Granada, Spain, taking flamenco dance lessons and improving our Spanish (oh yes, and studying rocks). Please visit my geology website here. See you at the reunion!

UPDATE -January 2019: I retired from UC Santa Barbara after 32 years on faculty and am now at UC Davis - still doing geology, the thing I love best besides my 3 grown daughters and my dogs.

PAT CALDWELL - Married '74, graduated OSU'75, moved to Charlotte '76, then on to Dallas '77. (In '77 the only thing in Dallas on ice were margaritas.) Son (Benjamin) born '80 (he just competed his first year at Texas A&M); and daughter (Kelly) born '82 (will be a senior in high school next year). Divorced '86 (first marriage did not 'take'), remarried '88 to Linda (a fifth generation Texan who's mother taught me that Pat (correctly pronounced 'Paayaat') had two syllables). I am very fortunate to be married to Linda (self-proclaimed Dictator-for-Life of the Fashion Police) because for 30+ years I did not know how to dress myself. (I often wonder if Linda used to cruise the local malls looking for guys that needed her advice.) In any event, I now talks like a Texan and believes anyone living north of the Red River is a Damn Yankee. I have not written any books (I have read several, and managed to complete the Sunday crossword a couple of times), nor was I farsighted enough to move to Phoenix and befriend Bill Gates when he was just a nerd. On the positive side, I still have most of my original hair, and all of my teeth. I left the corporate world Jan. '98 (after 20+ years) and started Caldwell & Family Custom Homes. I no longer live in airports, my ties/suits/starched shirts are gathering dust, and my USGA index has dropped from a 12 to a 3.5. I now design/build upper-end custom homes in the North Dallas area. (This is kind of scary, since the only drafting class I ever took was for six weeks in the 7th grade. Remember Mr. Long and his silver Stingray? Speaking of Mr. Long, what ever happened to Miss Elliot?) My company's name is a misnomer in that my wife's perfect house contains a 3,500 S.F. master closet, and no kitchen; a plan I find difficult to market. Being in construction has greatly expanded my innate bilingual abilities. After only 18 months, I have mastered the following: (1) Comprende?, (2) Hable Englais?, (3) Mucho Dinero?, and most importantly, (4) I'll have the Enchiladas. My long-term goal is to lower my index to 1.5 (pretty shallow?) so that I can participate in the 2000 US Open qualifier. I will only get to do this once (if you score 10 strokes above the course rating, you are banned for life, and my golfing prowess will easily score in the mid 80's), but it will make a great bar conversation. (Short term goal is to leave the house just one day a week without my wife asking, "Are you REALLY going to wear that?") Looking forward to our 30th.
PHIL CARDI  - After UA, I started at the University of Arizona, went two years, dropped out, moved to Boulder, finished at the University of Colorado in 1976, (the 7 1/2 year plan) with a journalism degree which I have never used, except to get me into law school after a year in the restaurant business. Started law practice in 1981 in Denver, and I have been here ever since. I am married to Martha Jo, and we have 2 kids, Peter, 10, and Julia, 8. We live in Littleton, (yes, that Littleton) at 12 Fairway Lane, Littleton, CO 80123, 303/730-2725,and I can be reached at Hope all is well in your corner of the planet.
LAURIE CHRISTISON SMITH: After graduating from UA, I went to the University of Arkansas and stayed there to work and live.I had moved with my family to Columbus and Upper Arlington when I was in junior high school - making that move from Arkansas, where I was born. I would love to find my yearbook and see just who I can remember!!! After college, I moved to Little Rock, AR and worked for then Attorney General Bill Clinton as a consumer education specialist in the Arkansas Attorney General's Office.I married (Ted Smith), had two daughters (Emily and Margaret) and we have lived in Conway, AR for the past 37 years!My husband has an automobile dealership there. Emily and her husband and their 2 year old daughter live in Houston, TX and my younger daughter Margaret lives in San Francisco and is planning a June wedding in Napa Valley. I no longer work but stay very busy!
BILL CLARK I attended Miami University and then Ohio State; received law degree from Capital and practice law in downtown Columbus. I've been married to Ellen Isaly for 41 years and have two sons: Bill, age 32, a web developer and Rob, 30, who owns his own landscape business, Golden Bear Lawn Care.

GARY CLARK: I married Constance Fisher ('69) after we both graduated from OSU. Our Son, Dan, lives in Hilliard. After 9 yrs at Scotts, I started my own IT business and enjoyed that for 27 years.

I then taught computer science at Columbus State for 8.5 years and just retired. I now get to enjoy long tours on my motorcycle and getting back into shape.

DIANA CLASSON KIEFER: then... Oh please, I'd rather forget! now... Married to the best Husband & Father!! We have two terrific children; one is a chemical engineer in Columbus and the other is a Spanish teacher at Delaware Hayes HS and she and her husband are the proud parents of a 6 month old ... our first Grandson!! So happy to be close and retired so we can enjoy and spoil the ... out of him!!
MICHELLE CLOSE: After living in New Jersey for 30 years, I retired and moved back to Columbus in 2017. I spent my years in Jersey working in the arts and eventually took a corporate job as an Information Analyst. I loved the east coast but will not miss the nor'easters or the hurricanes. It's good to be back in Buckeye Country.
STAN COLLINS: I have always felt blessed to have grown up in UA, and to have been able to stay in contact with so many of my good friends through the years.


Single, blessed and living in San Diego.

CANDY COOL: I returned to UA after college graduation and never left again. Re-connected with the love of my life, B.G. Lynn Class of '65 who I met in college. We had seven years before he died in 1996. Was lucky enough to have my Mom in my life until I turned 60.Love doing companion care (for the elderly for which I am now one) gardening and being with friends and sleeping with Bailey, my 9 year old Bichon.
ANNETTE DANIEL: I am a retired Executive Officer of Marketing over three company divisions of The Lmited, Inc.
JULIE DeVENNISH: I have endured a lot of changes. I am in a new place from which I will be moving as soon as possible. I am pursing art and really like the class. I enjoy the gym and taking walks.

ROGER DOERING: I've been living in California since 1973. I met Linda at the freshman orientation picnic the first day of college at Case and married her the day after finals in '73. We moved out here so I could go to grad school at U.C. Berkeley. I helped start a company even before finishing my masters degree, and so we stayed. We bought a house in '79 and are still living in it. It's now equipped with 8.4kW of solar photo-voltaic panels, so we are energy neutral. In 2008 the system produced over 13 megawatt hours. We have three children, the first, Heather graduated from MIT in '05 with a BS in Bio-Mechanical Engineering; the middle child, Gretchen, graduated from Lewis & Clark college in '07 with a BA in Religious Studies; the last, Rick, graduated from Case in '09 with three BS degrees: mechanical, electrical and aerospace engineering. None married yet. No grand kids. I went back to Berkeley and finished a PhD in Electrical Engineering in 2001... now I'm a tenured professor at California State University, East Bay (formerly Hayward) teaching Computer Engineering. You can see some 2005 photos on our family website. See my work web site here.

2014 UPDATE:

Still married to Linda since 5/19/73 - over 40 years
3 kids:
Heather (BSME MIT '05 ),
Gretchen (BA Religous Studies Lewis & Clark College '07; MS Univ. of Gastronomic Science , Italy '11),
Rick (BSME, BSAeroSpace Eng, BSEE CWRU '09, MS ME UC Berkeley, '12) Married 8/26/12 Raksha

PETE DIX After graduation from UA went to 'dummy skool' in KY. for one year then to Hillsdale College. Got beat up Wrestling in Div. III for those three years. Got married to Cathi and just celebrated 35 anniversary last August 11, 2008. Went to Florida for 10 months, hated it , came back to Columbus. Worked for Buckeye Steel Castings Co. in Sales Dept until 1990. Moved to Huron OH. and have been here ever since. Two Daughters graduated from Huron High School, both went to OSU for three years. Both are in the medical field. Got my 100t Merchant Marine Masters License three years ago and operate Dixie Jean Charter Service in the spring , summer , and fall. I remain working in the Railroad Industry and will continue to do so until it isn't fun any longer. Thankfully it's my call. They actually think I know what I'm doing. Visit the web site :

UPDATE, OCTOBER 2013: Pete passed away on July 2, 2013.

VICKI DOWNS McCULLOUCH: It all started with a terrible year in the 6th grade with a teacher named Mrs. McQuire (I'll tell you about it sometime), I fell behind in schooling and eventually failed the 8th grade. In the summer of 1969, however, I took summer-school and I managed to catch up and graduate in 1969. It was such an embarassment to have failed the 8th grade that I was determined to finish with the class of people that I had gone from Wickcliffe, to Fishinger, to Hastings, and finally to U.A. with.

After graduating, I went to Ohio State School of Cosmetology. During that year of schooling, I met my husband to be (Rich Roman). I was married July of 1971 and graduated a month or two later from cosmo. school. I worked as a cosmetologist until I started having children in 1974. We had 7 children (6 boys and 1 girl) and were married for 33 yrs. We split up in 2004,and I was divorced from him in 2006 (his choice), and met a wonderful man (Ed McCullouch). After dating for 2 and a half years we married in September of 2007. He is a 20 year Navy Vet, divorced with 3 older children. He is a truck driver for MBM Customized Food.

After being a stay-at-home mom for 13 years (in my first marriage), my license had expired for my cosmetology (I didn't know, because we had moved and they lost track of me), I began working part-time for Lawn Surgeon as a secretary (14 years now), Victoria's Secret as a material handler (14 years) , and Skyline (11 years) as a server. I also play (rhythm guitar and sing) in a rock band called "Hilljax n Jillz" and I drag race a '72 bigblock Nova. Ed got me into the drag racing thing in '05, and I'm addicted. We have no children at home, so we come and go as we please and have a great time traveling in our RV, going to dragstrips, and doing gigs with the band. Life is good! Especially because we have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ!

PATRICK DYNES Being involved in organizing our UAHS Class of 1969 35-year reunion has confronted me with trying to understand the importance of place in my life. I have lived in Columbus/Upper Arlington for half of my life and have spent the other half of my life elsewhere. I have concluded that my growing up in Upper Arlington, and what I learned about how people should treat one another and what is important in life, has been the most important influence on my adult life. This conclusion about the importance of place on the way I approach the world and life is not a surprise to me.Probably the most significant event of my early life was during the year when I would have been 8th grader at Jones Junior High, I spent the year at in Cairo, Egypt with my family while my father was a teacher at an Eqyptian University and with the United Nations. Although my suburban Upper Arlington life was my baseline for all I knew about life, and frankly continues to supply me my core values, this international experience really influenced me to want to explore different cultures. Ever since that year I have created opportunities to travel in other cultures either as a tourist or via business travel. I have learned lots in these other places and one of the most important things I have learned is that I still judge the quality of life in each place I visit or live against the Upper Arlington standard. I have learned what a high standard it is and how charmed our early lives were. Looking back my only regret in high school was that I did not play sports because when I did play team sports later in life I created friendships that continue and will endure for a life time. Like many other classmates I went to Ohio State, finished in 1973 and went on to Indiana University for graduate school. After receiving a Masters Degree Philosophy there it was time to get a career and I came back to Ohio State in 1976 and enrolled in the School of Public Policy and Management. I finished in 1979, moved to Washington, DC, and went on to work at the U.S. General Accounting Office--a congressional support agency that prepares reports for congressional committees. It has been a good fit for my ecclectic interests and I'm still there after 25 years. Most of my career I have worked on financial services issues--international finance, banking, securities, and insurance. My education in the Upper Arlington School system was really first rate and I think that much of my success, approach to life, and satisfaction can be attributed to my upbringing there. I have lived in various neighborhoods in Washington, DC, northern Virginia, and Los Angeles in the second half of my life and in each of these communities I am always judging the quality of life by how it compares to Upper Arlington. Patrick has been taken out of Upper Arlington but the Upper Arlington will never be taken out of Patrick!

UPDATE 2008: OK, it's time to be reflective and update the autobiography that I wrote 5 years ago. I'm hoping I will not write anything that no one wants to hear or that swerves into bogusness. I have reread many of my classmate's autobiographies and am challenging my facile brain by creating this update. I'm so proud of my class mates because all of you seem to be doing great. We were given much and much was expected of us. There were some big brains in our class. One thing I am sure of is that I am worried about the security of our country now that Ken Pfeiffer has retired from our military-Columbus may be sacked soon. Most have had multiple jobs, lived in many places, and alas more than one spouse. Many original marriages seem to have ended. How did love's majesty evaporate? As we get older I think most of us do a better job of adjusting our expectations about what is going to happen in life. Perhaps we get better at admitting our ability to control events around us is lower than we would like. Someone said that the greatest lies are told before the marriage, after the hunt, and before the election. I believe this person. My life, or journey of discovery, thankfully continues. In my autobiography written for our 35th reunion, like most of you, I talked about my educational matriculation, international travel, and how my experiences growing up in Upper Arlington determined how I view the world. Glad I wrote it because someone who was unbiased would not be as effusive as I could be about myself. This is the beauty of autobiography. Real biography is the revenge of small people on big people. But like a stone in a river of time, I have changed. In spite of what I am writing here I, as a matter of principle, try not to be self-absorbed or prone to hyperbole. So how am I different now that I have aged 5 more years? I see the answer to this question every day when I look in the mirror and get on the scale. I feel like I'm playing a bit part in some low budget vampire movie. Yikes! If anyone has any good ideas about how to slow down the deterioration and increasing girth I am all ears. Let me ask you this-why are overeating and alcohol the preferred means of escape? My life's drama has had its share of comedy, farce, and luckily very little tragedy. I would characterize it as La Dolce Vita. By this I mean the sweet life and not the movie-although come to think of it from what little I remember about the movie I would like to be standing next to Anita Ekberg as she jumps in the Trevi fountain in Rome. See, having a big imagination can be a good thing. I think I am in denial that I am 57 because I don't think I am ready to enter the last stage of my life-our post-season. Increasing age has certainly brought on nostalgia. I'm already reading way too many obituaries and thinking that I am more virtuous because I outlived that guy or that this guy's life was much more interesting than mine. If I could change myself to be the younger me I would as long as I could bring what I know now with me. But, alas, I can't. Someone said that when you get old it is what is inside that matters and people stop caring about how you look. That guy was lying! I'm really enjoying learning from others around me and seeing my children grow and develop their own personalities. Luckily their personalities seem well balanced. Have I been successful in my quotidian life? When answering this question it is useful to have multiple measures of success because if you score low on one measure you can just conveniently ignore that one. I love checking back in with my tribal homeland in Upper Arlington to see what is going on! Even though it looks physically much the same, I know the people have changed and grown wiser. Sometimes at night between sleep and awake I can go through the door into my childhood in Upper Arlington and everything is as it was-people, sights, and sounds. Our 40th reunion is a time for celebration. Like a bird flying home for the winter I find comfort in coming home too.

KAREN EDWARDS MESCHER: We own Sideliners Sports Bar & Grill in Versailles Oh. Check us out on Facebook and come visit.
PATTI ELAM: My favorite job is single mom. I have 16 yr. old twin boys who are sophomores at UAHS. And no it's not how I remember it! Well, maybe a little bit. I attended Ohio Wesleyan & OSU; taught school at Barrington; worked for the City of Columbus in City Planning; and then found my true passion - running my own business. I own three daycare centers in Columbus. Fundamentals Learning Center (U.A.. Grandview area) City Kids Downtown (Arena District) and City Kids in Hilliard (Scioto Darby Rd) I spend most of my time in my car! or paying bills in front of my computer. Ah the life of a small business owner -it's glamorous. I do enjoy it though. Getting to know all of the children and families over the years is very rewarding.
DEBBIE ELDER BAGENSTOSE: I met my husband, Bud Bagenstose, while I was an undergrad at Ohio State and he was in medical school. We were married in 1972. I graduated from Ohio State in 1973 with a degree in Home Economics. This has become a large joke over the years as I don't cook or sew. Bud and I have three children, a son and then boy/girl twins. Our oldest son, Scott, who has boy/girl twins of his own, is married to a girl he met in medical school (she is a Pediatrician) In 2004, we were thrilled as Scott became my husband's partner in his Allergy practice. Our daughter, Nancy, met her husband while at Duke University, they both went on to Harvard where he went to law school and she did grad school. Nancy and her husband, who practices law with a Washington, DC firm, have one daughter. Our son, Mike and his wife met at Purdue. Mike is a builder/ developer in South Carolina. Mike and his wife have two children. That puts our count at 5 grandchildren! Bud and I began our married life in UA and after 14 years decided to make the big move to Dublin. We have lived in Muirfield Estates for 23 years. Yikes! After all three of our children were married in 2002, Bud and I bought a home in Wexford Plantation (Hilton Head Island) where we thought that we would spend a lot of leisure time. We even bought a boat that is docked behind the house. Within months of the completion of the house, we started having grandchildren. 5 in 3 years! As a result we have been so busy with the little ones we scarcely get to Hilton Head. Now, as if there is not enough excitement in our lives we have a 7 month old lab puppy. This puppy should have had a warning label "not recommended for those over age 50." She does keep us moving!
ANNE ELLISON SEAMAN: Today I was looking at some photos from Hastings Junior High on the computer. There was a class photo, not easily deciphered, not clear but it looked so much like the class of 69. I pulled out my boxes of photos and found that exact class photo. It was indeed our class that I saw on the computer. I’m sitting between Vicki Buya and Dana McAllister. So many familiar faces but not many names came to this old mind. I moved away at the end of our sophomore year. I have great memories of Hastings and my first year in high school at Upper Arlington. I have been in California since 1975. Worked as a staff RN for 15 years and then the last 17 years as a Nurse Practitioner in adults/peds. I have been married for 42 years. If anyone happens to remember me please get in touch. Stay safe!
MARY ERVIN: WOW!!! Can't believe it has been 40 years!!! I have never remarried after that Nebraska stint. Still very busy and happy in beautiful Northern California. I have one daughter, Marci, who has managed to give me 5 Grandchildren. She works full time (how I do not know) but with that many kids she needs some help so I spend my off time going to ball games, volunteering at day care, making prom dresses and cracking the preverbal whip at her house. I have actually seen the kid's shoulders slump when they see" Meema's" car in the driveway. My oldest grandson just Graduated High School and is headed to San Diego State. Other than that it's life as usual. I have been with the same company for 17years and looking forward to early retirement in about. Looking forward to seeing everyone!!!
CURT EYRE: Standardization Manager of Consumer Products for GTE Telephone Operations in Dallas TX. He has 3 kids: Steve, 18(recently graduated from high school), Bryon, 17 and Catherine, 14. He plans to be in the Columbus area during the first week of July.
DOUG EZELL : I practice Ob-Gyn (like my dad did). It's really great to work and live in Montana.....lots of open spaces, mountains, and trout fishing. Billings is considered a major metropolitan area out here (100,000 people) but it's still small enough to be like a small town. I like it because it's small enough that one's presence can have an impact. My practice involves a lot of infertility work, and almost everyday I run into families that may not be here if it weren't for me (or someone like me). It's very gratifying. Outside of my professional life, here's an update. I married a beautiful Minnesota nurse, Sharon Christensen, when I did my residency at U. of Minn. We now have two wonderful children: Molly, 8th grade. She likes to sing and swims on the YMCA team. Andy is in 4th grade. He likes soccer and acting. I also produce a radio program on our local public radio's called Strings and Things and it's a bluegrass program. And recently I've started playing in a rock/country band. It's 4 doctors and two other of our age peers. We're called "The Midlife Chryslers" and we play benefits and raise money for charities around town. It's more fun than ought to be legal. For your entertainment, please visit the web site for the Midlife Chryslers.
JIM FERGUS - I graduated from Miami University in 1973 with a BS in Business and a major in Accountancy. I began my career with Arthur Andersen & Co. here in Columbus and passed the CPA exam on my first attempt. After five years, I moved on to Advanced Drainage Systems, Inc., which was right in Upper Arlington, as their Tax Manager. While there, I was married to Cheryl Cotterman from Wauseon, Ohio (near Toledo), who was an Ohio State Nursing School graduate and an RN in the Mount Carmel Coronary Care Unit. We actually met through a road rally group. Another eight years and I moved on to Groner, Boyle & Quillin, a local public accounting firm where I spent another seven years. Presently, I am at JP Morgan Chase (formerly Bank One) where I have been for the last fourteen years and where I head up the sales/use and personal property tax planning area for the corporation. We moved out of UA in 2002 and live in the Powell area off of 257 about a mile and one half north ot the zoo. We have two daughters. Heather graduated from Miami University (third generation at Miami), spent two years in the Teach for America program in the St. Louis City Schools teaching third grade, got her Masters in family counseling from Western Michigan and is currently working counseling families with children at risk in the Hastings, Michigan area. Kimberly attended Northern Arizona University in Flagstaff and graduated from The Ohio State University in Natural Resources. She is currently working as a Supervisor at Whole Foods here in Columbus and has a three year old daughter, Shea, who I spoil tremendously. Heather and Kimberly both went to Hastings, which was tough for me since I went to Jones and they both have had teachers that I had when I was at UA. We enjoy spending time at our cabin on Mullett Lake in northern lower Michigan and are looking forward to retiring there for nine months of the year but that is still too many years off as far as I am concerned. In 2004/2005, we substantially remodeled the cabin and an article on the remodeling appeared in the July/August 2007 magazine Cabin Life. We visited Australia and New Zealand in January of 2007 and were leaving Auckland the same day one of our classmates, Jeff Hilleary was arriving. He has now immigrated to New Zealand. We keep in touch with our group of UA friends some of whom are also still in UA. I think that's about it.
CONNIE FISHER (CLARK): As a kid, I rode my bike. Still riding today as you can see from my picture. Married Gary Clark from UA Class of 1969. We have one son who lives in Hilliard. Worked 35 years doing clinical dental hygiene. Overlapping the last 15 years, Associate Professor at Columbus State in Dental Hygiene. Served as a member of the Ohio State Dental Board (2010-2018). President of the Ohio State Dental Board 2017. Thanks UA for a great start to my life!
GUY FORSYTHE: Retired from teaching at Westerville South High School in 2003. Moved to Sedona, AZ where I have a creation science based evangelical outreach for Jesus. Also have a published paper in geology.
STEVE FOSTER - 30+ years later and it kinda goes like this.....Started at OSU the summer right after graduation ... discovered Beer, sororities (Kappa Delta) and Spring break in Florida...was ask to improve grades or go to Viet Nam...Chose option B worked my way back into the good graces of the parents and finally...Graduated from a smaller College in SE Ohio; Rio Grande w/ a BS in PE...went right to work in a Music store in Columbus , then kinda used my degree when I went to work in a Federal Correctional Institution in Michigan. Ran the Recreation program for 5 years ,got bored, divorced (first time), went to work for Scott Paper, traveled and moved a lot (Michigan ,Wisconsin, Chicago, back to Wisconsin, Iowa , Kansas City, Got married again had two kids (Ben;11 and Hannah ;9) , bought a sailboat ,got bored and divorced again (# 2 for those keeping track) ,met the love of my life who also loved to sail, moved to Connecticut ,got married again(3 's the charm...just like College Chemistry) and just moved to Dallas ,Texas where I work for Qwest Communications and the boat is 25 minutes from the House. My Wife Debbie and I are adopting an infant in December (he is a Boy and his name will be Mathew Dodge Foster) ...yea a Daddy again at 48....that baby face I had all through school is finally paying off! Plan on staying here till my Wife can take her early out with the Feds (Deb works for the FDIC keeping all of our secured deposits safe when the banks and savings and loans fail due to Y2K) then its Plan B....Move to the lot in Florida we bought a few years ago ,park the " Last Mango"in the canal behind the house and sail off to the Islands with a chunk of land to come back to. We spend our free time these days on the boat or off to Key West or chartering in the BVI's...theres a place for a reunion! All you Texas Golden Bears touch base with me and we will go drink some beer and chew over old times! Those pictures from the Reunion Cam might just make me try to make the next one! I started to say , 30 years later and I can just about sum it all up by saying....." These Changes in Latitudes ,Changes in Attitudes, nothing remains quite the same...through all of the Islands and all of the highlands if we weren't all crazy... we would go insane!" See ya all out there !


Hello Golden Bears! Hope this finds everyone healthy. I'm living in Cincinnati (for the past 24 years), have always been in the human resources "biz", now I'm a regional recruiting manager for a financial services corp. - doing lots of travelling for business, and trying to spend some quality time with my new (born 8/01) gorgeous granddaughter. She has indeed stolen my heart! My husband, Gunther, is a part-time retired, part-time mechanical design engineer who invents things. We love to travel to the Southwest - especially New Mexico, and have a beach condo on Anna Maria Island off the west coast of Florida. We'll offer a special UA discount to those who wish to vacation there!

NOTE: Pam Fraley Niemann passed away unexpedtedly on February 24, 2014.

SUE GAMBS NEWMAN: I have lived in the small town of Mt Carmel, located in southern Illinois, for 40 years. My husband, Craig, and I have 4 children and 8 grandchildren. We enjoy visiting our kids/ grandkids and traveling.
HARRY GARD - Since I was only at UA my senior year, many of my friendships were formed with classmates after I graduated. Since then, I was with CompuServe (which my dad and brother-in-law started) as the first employee hired for its public online service, which had the first online chat (called CB) and the world's first online newspaper (The Dispatch), among other innovations.
CHARLIE GARVIN After UA69, went to Ohio Wesleyan with 12 other UA classmates. Graduated in Physics in 1973, then on to University of Southern California School of Medicine. Married Lynn Oliver, OWU sorority sister of Amy Kinney and Ann Davidson, in 1973 in Florida during winter break, drove back to California in her little car with all her stuff and wedding presents. M.D. from U.S.C. in 1977, then stayed for Surgery Internship in Pasadena. We returned to Ohio for my Ophthalmology training at Ohio State, finishing as Chief Resident in 1981. Moved to Marion, OH in 1981 to join Smith Clinic, became President and Chairman in 1986, and have been here ever since, now a 65 Physician group practice. We have three kids: John graduated from Yale in 2001, Master of Science from Rice in 2004, continues in PhD program in Computer Science at Rice in Houston. Chad is entering his Sophomore year at Otterbein in Westerville, majoring in Psychology and/or English. Laura is Junior at Marion Harding HS, maybe headed into Medicine. Still very involved with the dogs and dog shows. We have bred 86 Dalmatian AKC Champions, including two of the top five all time winners, and I'm now in my eighth year as President of the Dalmatian Club of America. I serve on the Board of Directors of the American Kennel Club, so I'm in New York about three or four days every month. In February, I'll be judging at the Westminster Kennel Club in Madison Square Garden, where I had won the Junior Showmanship International Championship in 1969.
LYN GAVIN DERENSKI: Retired for the second time. Now working as many hours designing, writing and editing a church magazine.
STEVEN GOLDSMITH - Steve Goldsmith remains in Minneapolis, where he has been since pursuing a cardiology fellowship at the University of MN in 1978. He is a Professor of Medicine at the University of MN, and has had an enjoyable and stimulating career as an academic cardiologist focusing on research in congestive heart failure while based at the Hennepin County Medical Center in Minneapolis, where he was the Director of the Division of Cardiology for 6 years. Currently he directs the Minnesota Heart Failure Consortium which he founded and which recently was designated by the National Institutes of Health as one of 9 centers for translational research in a new federally funded Heart Failure Network. He has been married to the former Bonnie Zucker of Cleveland (PhD in English, OSU,1978) for 34 years. Their daughter, Emily Virginia, is a budding artist and is a sophomore at the Minneapolis College of Art and Design.
BOB GRAVES - Graduated UAHS 1969 - Graduated UEI Akron, Ohio with Electronics Degree. I held a position with the Tandy Corporation in Columbus then moved into the computer division and decided to go into the contracting business with a small firm in Reynoldsburg, Ohio that did specialty contracting all over the Eastern U.S. building health spa amenities for different health spas and sports players and estate home owners. Bally Health Spa became our biggest client in the 80's and I moved to Florida permanently and worked all over the state before settling down where I presently live in Orlando Florida where I am the Senior Sales Agent with Orlando Real Estate Corporation of Windemere, Florida. If your tired of the snow and want to move to Florida email me. I am single again, no kids that I know of.

DEAN GRINCH - Upon graduation, I entered the Marine Corps serving two years, including a brief stint in Viet Nam. A highlight was running into Jeff Stridsberg at Camp Pendleton, CA. Upon honorable discharge (surprising many), I enrolled at OSU in electrical engineering and roomed with Jeff Kettrey for a while. During our glory years at OSU, Archie Griffin and I averaged one Heisman Trophy apiece (I played in the band, too - Archie didn't). Upon graduating, I worked for Rockwell Int'l and then started a small electronics manufacturing firm in Gahanna which was just like the start-ups at Hewlett-Packard and Apple, the main difference being that they made it out of the garage. I worked as a contract engineer for many years traveling throughout the U.S. until I married the "Dave Shelby of Dublin High School." Kathy was an assistant principal and highly skilled at dealing with troubled adolescents: a perfect match. We now have two fine kids for whom there is still hope. I presently maintain a consulting office in Dublin, Three Ring Circuits, Inc., wherein I design and analyze electronic products for various clients.

UPDATE 2019: Retired and living in the country.

BIRTIE HARDIE After graduating from OU, I moved back to Columbus and taught in Westerville. Married and moved to Michigan, then Raleigh, NC. Loved it there but when the first grandchild came the parents lobbied hard for us to move closer to home. As fate would have it two great job offers came and they were both in Columbus. So in 1983, I'm back in UA. Daughter # 2 arrived in '84. Life has come full circle. I'm a single mom and currently roam the halls of Jones Middle School. As a teacher there, it's sometimes really spooky to see little clones of my classmates in the same classrooms we misbehaved in! I still see Mr. Shelby, though in church, Senora Sherer, Mr. Pritchett and believe it or not my daughters Paige (a senior) and Carly (sophomore) are interacting with some of the same faculty we did! And we thought they were old back in '69! I hope this rollercoaster we call life has given you more ups than downs.
GARRY HALL : Benefits Manager (health care specialist) for the State of Ohio representing 60,000 State of Ohio employees. I have a special interest in behavioral health care and substance abuse services and will be monitoring the drinking habits of my classmates at the reunion! (Not!) Long time board member of the Ohio Employee Assistance Program within the Ohio Department of Health. I originally started my career in nursing (after dropping out of OSU.....allergic to tear gas.) I still own a small business providing nursing services to developmentally disabled adults living in group home settings for Goodwill Columbus at their Grandview location. I have two beautiful daughters whom I raised on my own for about the past 16 years and remain close to UA, living near the golf course at Trabue and Wilson Rds. Just finished a motorcycle trip to the Upper Peninsula with fellow classmates Jeff Stevenson and Nick Kaparos. Would love to hear from other classmates who ride. Perhaps we can have a geezer motorcycle escort for the parade float next time around!
DAVE HARDING - At work, I'm the CEO and President of Micro Resources Inc. and Managing Partner of Net Equity Ltd. For fun, I'm a single parent with two daughters in UA Schools, Sarah, 15 and Alanna, 8.
KATHY HART SIGRIST I graduated from Kenyon College in 1973 with a BA in Psych. and was married in August 1974. Chuck and I have 3 sons. Our youngest son (23) was married in 2008 – it is a thrill for me to have a daughter-in-law I dearly love. David & Katie live in Wisconsin where David is attending Wisconsin Lutheran Seminary (to be a Lutheran pastor). Our 2 older sons live in Arlington, VA. Stephen (28) is sr. research associate at Investment Company Institute in DC and working toward PhD (Economics) at George Mason Univ. Michael (32) teaches Philosophy at George Washington Univ. and is scheduled to defend his dissertation in August; he is engaged so next summer I look forward to gaining another beautiful daughter-in-law. My husband retired last year. Next month we will celebrate our 35th anniversary in Lauderdale-by-the-Sea, Florida (our honeymoon spot).

Even though my body tells me I am not 18 anymore -- I am having trouble comprehending it’s been 40 years since I graduated from UAHS! It is fascinating to read about the varied and interesting paths my classmates have traveled during those 40 years. A big thank-you to Ellen for keeping up our class’ great website and to those who contribute to it. I will not be able to attend this reunion, but hope to make it to the next reunion. In the meantime I will keep up with class news via the website. (How DID we live without internet?)

UPDATE 3-14: I'm a Grandma! My husband and I recently visited Vancouver, BC, Canada to meet our new grandson (born December 14, 2013), born to our youngest son and his wife. Our oldest son and his wife live in Washington DC and our middle son lives in Arlington, VA.

RAY HEAP: Took an Aviation class in 11 th grade from Mrs Comption and became a Naval Aviator. Carrier based attack pilot flying the A-6 Intruder. I also flew the T2Buckeye in basic flight school which was made by North American Aviation in Columbus.

I now live on the beach in Panama City with Pamela Hayes and truly am s blessed person. Go Bears.

CRAIG HECKMAN I spent four years living in Bowling Green, Ohio while I was in college, but for the last eight years I have been general counsel for a large group of physicians in Bowling Green, Kentucky. In the precious little spare time that I have, I enjoy writing short stories.

· PhD from OSU in Political Science (International Relations)
· Taught at Ohio Dominion and St Johns Univ in Minnesota
· Married a woman from Westerville and moved to Canada
· Early eighties began teaching at St F Xavier in Nova Scotia
· Became a Canadian citizen
· Our daughter Cathy was born in 1989 (a Canadian native!) and she's now finishing a physics degree in Halifax
· Over the years we have lived -
For a couple years + in Halifax
For a year and a half in Bristol, England
For half a year at Stanford (Palo Alto, California)
For half a year in Vancouver
Just spent half of 2008 in Tucson (at U of A)
And now for something completely different: See my photo biography- "My 2nd Career in the Theatre" from High School to present

Update 2019:

University life has been very good to me. Lots of publications, great students, and fantastic travel possibilities. My wife Donna and I spent a half year sabbatical at Victoria University on Vancouver Island [2012] and Haifa University in Israel [2015]. Through sister universities, I was able to teach courses in China [Changzhou 2012 and Wuhan 2014] and France [Sciences Po Lille 2015]. After I retired from StFXU [2018], my wife and I moved into beautiful Halifax, NS on the Atlantic. We live just across the street from Dalhousie University where I still play French Horn in a Concert Band and sing in the Dal Chorus. I’m still a research fellow at the Centre for Security and Development there – you can follow this link for a review of my academic career.

My daughter Catherine and her husband moved from Sarasota, Fl to NYC recently. She now works for Bloomberg Financial. We’ll miss being snowbirds to Florida, but now can visit Big Apple frequently. But we think of ourselves as being mostly Canadians now, eh?

JOELLEN HUDDY: Then- UA was a great place to grow up - happy memories of friends and family. Now- Moved to Florida in 85 . Still working as a Hospice nurse after 28 years. Can not wait to see all my classmates.

RICK HUNT: Average High School student, but excelled at OSU.

5+ year pilot/aircraft owner, having landed in all Ohio airports and all Ohio counties, flown to Bahamas, and every state.

Free flights for kids ages 8 to 17 - see for our schedule (I've been known to take some adults, too).

ANN HUNTZICKER KARAS: We moved to Ohio in the middle of my junior year. I was part of the concert band/ marching band/ orchestra. Outside of school my time taken up by my horse. Now I'm a mother of three and grandmother of three. My husband and I retired to Oregon in 2015. Which was more like a homecoming as I was born in Portland, Oregon. Happy to be home and to share all of what Oregon has to offer with my husband of more than 49 years.
ELLEN ISALY CLARK I graduated from OSU with my degree in Elementary Education and married Bill Clark in 1973; I then taught 5 years in Hilliard. In 1978, I was fortunate enough to land a position as a sixth grade teacher at Barrington Elementary School, where I was once a student! I taught next door to Barbara Boggs, who was my own sixth grade teacher! During those years (it took six, as I went to class at night) I worked on my Master's Degree and finally finished up in 1984. I had "retired" from teaching in 1981, though, to stay at home with our son Bill, who is now a web developer. Then in 1984, along came Rob, who now owns a landscape business, Golden Bear Lawn Care. I now have my own Web design company, Designing for YOU Ltd., and do the site for the Upper Arlington Alumni Association,; you ARE registered there, right? If not, please add your e-mail address there, too!
NANCY IVERS FERGUSON - After graduating from UA, I attended OSU and graduated in '73 with a degree in Education. I taught 2 years in the Big Walnut School District while getting a Masters degree in Education from Xavier University in Cinci on the weekends and in the summers. After getting involved in negotiating the teachers' contract at Big Walnut, I decided to "save the world" by attending law school. There I met my husband, Gerald P. Ferguson, who happened to sit next to me in Contracts class. (Coincidence or well-planned? Depends on who you ask.) We married in 1977 and graduated from law school in 1979. He went on to a well-paid job at Vorys, Sater, Seymour and Pease where he later became a partner. I went on to a low paying job working for the State of Ohio, Division of Securities. Later I moved to another low paying, 60 hour a week job working as a Magistrate for the Franklin County Municipal Court. Miraculously, I stayed there for 12 years. Since that time, I have worked for various Mayor's Courts and the Delaware Municipal Court as their Magistrate on a part-time basis. During this same time I had a son who participated in every sport offered in central Ohio before settling on tennis and golf, and somehow going on to graduate from Columbus Academy and Northwestern University. Having lived in UA, the OSU area, German Village, Bexley and Gahanna, my husband and I decided to try New Albany where we built a house and I decided to run for Council. After 6 years on Council, I ran for Mayor in 2003, knocked on every door (1,825 -it took 3 months!) and got 59% of the vote in a three way race. I ran again in 2007, unopposed, which was a lot more enjoyable. So far (2009) things are pretty exciting in New Albany and I'm still loving it there.
CHRIS JAEGER - I've been in Santa Fe, NM for 15 years. Happily married to Bob Fippinger and we have a 16 year old daughter, Sarah. I retired from the publishing business 2 years ago and enjoy the freedom and flexibility to do more community based activities. Last year we joined an Earthwatch project in South Africa and spent 3 weeks living in Makuleke Village. It was a privilege to be immersed in another culture.We hope to do another project this coming summer. My best to all in Upper Arlington.
RICK JONES - Coming soon.

SUE JONES PATTERSON - After UA, I went to college at Kent State, had too much fun for 3 + years, left and married (UA 69) Candy Patterson's older brother Jim (UA 67). We bought a house in Grandview, while the GI Bill (from his 4 years as an Army Cobra pilot) and I put him thru OSU. We went to my 5 year UA reunion, where (UA 69) Diana Borden's husband recruited Jim into the US Navy. He graduated from OSU, and then we found I was pregnant, but had to move the next week to Pensacola, FL, to begin AOCS. We continued for 17 years, in Naval Aviation, thru many jets, culminating with Jim instructing in the F/A-18 Hornet, training the Blue Angels, 3 trips to "Top Gun", several Mediterranean deployments and a lot of detachments, to "good air space." Jim did the Right Stuff, while the girls and I did the Navy Family Left Stuff, left alone & left behind! Jim was gone for 10 years of the 17, we were in the Navy. During our Navy life, I went back to college in Jacksonville, FL, and got my degree in Interior Design, worked for a couple design firms in FL, and opened my Design consultation business in Orange Park, Florida, continued in Dallas, and currently work with special clients in Georgia, Dallas, and Columbus. We had a wonderful life in the Navy, which I miss very much, and go on occasion to Virginia Beach, Key West, Jacksonville, Dallas, and GA to visit our friends. When Jim retired from the Navy in 1992, he had to go to work for a living! Our 10th move in 17 years was back to UA. He is a VP with JPMorgan, Chase & co. Both girls graduated from UA, then one from OSU, and one a 4 year stint at KSU. Both have married, have careers they love, and each has two children. Being a Grandma is soo much fun! My work is limited due to my Multiple Sclerosis, diagnosed in 1991. Since my MS diagnosis, I seem to have joined the "disease a year" club. I have lived pretty well with MS, survived Hyper-parathyroidism, multiple tumors, am a 5 year Cancer survivor, and though it's a daily battle with Lymphadema, I seem to be doing ok with it, too. Last year, after several weeks as an outpatient at the Riverside Hospital Critical Limb Care Center & "Wound Clinic", I was diagnosed with my newest disease, Diabetes 2. ugh. Truly, a "math hater's hell on earth"! What has tickled me is even though Jim began life in Pennsylvania, me in UA, our oldest daughter, Janeen, in Corpus Christi, Texas, our youngest daughter, Jamie, in Jacksonville, FL; all 4 of us graduated from Upper Arlington High School. How did that happen? Jim and I will have been married for 36 years, Sept 2, 2008. (But, with him gone for 10, that's really only 26!) Did I mention that we have FOUR, 4 Grandchildren?

UPDATE: January, 2019: Yikes! 50 years since high school! I am surprised and very fortunate to have lived this long! Seriously, the stuff we did in college, we were lucky to survive. I'm a 16 year colon cancer survivor, and 8 year breast cancer survivor, as of this August. My MS, Thankfully, still remains in the mildest version of relapsing-remitting, and I have very little permanent disability. All that, is thanks to a terrific team of physicians, and great friends, mostly from UA69, who drove me to Radiation treatments, on a daily basis, for months, to get thru the breast cancer events.

Have not really been doing any design work, other than in my own home, and Jim is fully retired as well. We continue to keep our home full of Vizslas. Only two dogs, right now. But, they are active enough, to make us think we have, at least, three!

Jim rides his Harley as often as he can, is a member of the CVMA, Combat Veterans Motorcycle Association, and a member of the Patriot Guard. He has been having fun doing genealogy research, and found a connection, to the American Revolution. He is now, a member, of the Sons of the American Revolution. He tried to do searches, of my family, but it appears we were dropped, on earth, from space, in the mid 1800s.

On September 2, 2018, Jim and I celebrated our 46th year, of marriage. Our 2 daughters, and their families continue, to be, very important, in our lives. They both live within ten minutes, of our home, with our four Grandones. Anxious to see everyone at the reunion!

ANDI JUSTICE: Still crazy after all these years.
KRISTY KABLE SMITH Married: Rich Smith--10 year anniversary July 1. Children: Courtney Maser, UA Class of '99, OSU Class of '03, Tax Accountant at Deloitte, married to Chad Clark, middle school math and science teacher, Oct., '05; step daughter Kelly Reed, high school math teacher, husband John, daughter Kristen, 1st grader. Occupation and Education: OSU BS.ed. 1972 and MA 1975; Taught high school and middle school English for 18 years, and I've been a guidance counselor for 17 years. My last 5 years, I've been a guidance counselor at Worthington Kilbourne High School. Kristy and Rich are the owners of CollegeSmiths, a private college counseling and ACT/SAT test prep service.
NICK KAPAROS: Semi Retired, Married to Metta for 35 years. 3 children. Nicholas, married ,1 son, Navy for 5 years now at Norfolk shipyards. Elyse married to Andy in British Marines, live in Poole England. Samantha, married to Ryan , lives in Tallahassee Fl. , has masters in structural engineering. Still see my old classmates Jeff Stevenson, Garry Hall, Matt Bacon and go on long motorcycle trips with these guys, 3 or 4 times a year.
LINDA KELSEY SIMONDS: Steve (from Cincy) and I were married in 1973. We met at Kent State. Steve has always been in the accounting field having been comptroller for Coca Cola and then scaling back to be comptroller for a residential builder and now self-employed. My career has been a tad more varied. I taught 7th grade Social Studies for several years and was honored twice as Outstanding Ohio Social Studies Teacher. I moved from teaching into business being Director of the KSU Bookstore, then assistant to VP of Operations for a world-wide technical company, executive assistant to CEO of a museum, CEO of a medical company before this teaching position opened. I am currently teaching computer applications at a vocational college and love being back in the classroom.

We do not have any children. We raise and train dogs. Originally, we raised and trained Alaskan Malamutes, the big sled dogs. Although they were always our pets first, they were show dogs, sled dogs and did weight pulls. The dogs got old, passed away and we just got older! From there we started raising and training guide dogs for the blind. In a job interview, a perspective employer asked what have I done in my life that I am most proud of and I told her raising and training guide dogs. I still think that is what secured the job offer! We have trained 8 dogs and I'm very happy to say all 8 became working guide dogs which is above the national average as only about 40% become working guides.

We moved to Tucson in 2000. We dearly miss family and friends, but we love the weather! Don't feel bad for us when you hear on the national weather that it is 112 in Phoenix as Tucson is generally 10 degrees cooler. The heat isn't all that bad because the humidity is single digit unlike Ohio with 80 degree temps but 90+ humidity. There is nothing better than mornings and evenings during the summer in the desert.

LAUREL KERN: After graduation from high school and then business school, I started working as a legal secretary and have been working in the legal field ever since. I remember my home economics teacher remarking that I was "too legalistic", but fortunately for me it proved to become a lucrative trait. I moved to Kansas City, Missouri in 1974 where I met my husband of 27 years, Roger Meyer. We were married in 1976 and then moved to Akron, Ohio where we lived for 21 years. I really missed Upper Arlington and the Columbus area. We were happy to return in 1997 where we now live in Hilliard, Ohio. We have one son, Joseph K. Meyer, who also is a graduate of Upper Arlington High School (Class of 2000) and who is employed in the Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning industry. Roger and I love to garden, although over the past 27 years our garden has continued to dwindle in size. We are the proud owners of Sally, a miniature dauschund, who keeps us on task and entertained. I also am a family historian and am currently in the process of writing and compiling the various branches of my family history. (I guess I am still trying to find myself.) Anyway, I hope to attend the reunion. You can't miss me. I look exactly like the Norwester photo!!

After 45 years, I guess it's finally time to write my bio. In 1973, I graduated with a major in journalism from OSU and got married. Moving up the ranks from "Twixt Teen" columnist, I became a reporter for The Suburban News Publications, and a contributor to USA Today and The Columbus Dispatch. Later, I earned a masters degree in media research and developed media and marketing strategies as director of consumer research for a division of Federated Department Stores. In 1985, we moved to Dublin, Ohio where our two daughters were raised. For 20 years, I worked as a free-lance writer and volunteer for several non-profits.

Since the divorce, I've spent over a decade volunteering as a mentor to survivors of domestic violence and abuse. I write the stories of trauma survivors and I'm currently writing a book about healing from abuse. One of my goals is to provide awareness of domestic violence occurring in educated, affluent and influential families.

While most of my friends are retiring, I've started a new career. As an advocate, author and professional speaker, I help people impacted by domestic violence and abuse move from hurting to healing. I joined Toastmasters International and the National Speakers Association which helped me get over my fear of public speaking. I'm excited that I recently presented my first keynote to an audience of 400 in the Archie Griffin ballroom at the new Ohio Union.

In 2014, my oldest daughter, Kristen, 31, married her high school sweetheart and they live in San Francisco. My youngest daughter, Ashley is 23 and works at the Franklin County Prosecutor's Office. As a third generation Buckeye, she will start at OSU Moritz College of Law this fall.

I'm an avid (borderline fanatic) football fan and loyally support my fav teams: UA, OSU, and the much maligned, Cleveland Browns.

I always enjoy reminiscing with my Wickliffe friends-Valerie Lancia, Anne Littlefield, Sue Jones, Patty Furney and Sheryl Stafford. Spending time with Delta Gamma sisters, Ellen Isaly and Libbie Pfefferle, local chums Julie May, Lyn Skillman and Ginger Richards and out-of-town friends Stella Brown and Lynne Kanatas makes life worthwhile.

Special thanks to Ellen, Julie and Pat and the committee members who worked diligently to plan another outstanding reunion with more wonderful memories. I'm especially grateful to all the classmates who have generously contributed over the years to our Friendship Fund.

I truly look forward to seeing everyone!

BOB LARRIMER: Partner at the architectural firm Moody Nolan and member of the Ohio Architects Board.

CARTER LEWIS: Carter is the Playwright-in-Residence at Washington University in St. Louis.

His work has been published and produced across the US and around the world. He is a golfer, a runner, a horse handicapper, and has a dog named Bucket.

2014 Note: I miss the Chef-O-Nette!

I have lived in Lafayette, Indiana since 1975. It’s my husband’s hometown and he practices ophthalmology. It’s a wonderful Big Ten town and I’ve enjoyed living here, but I always love going back to Upper Arlington to see friends, classmates and attend the reunions. Bob and I celebrate our 45th anniversary this December (we were a blind date fixed up by Beth Postle Henry and her husband George!) I graduated from Ohio U with a degree in English Education and worked in Cleveland and Lafayette before starting a family. We have 3 children. Brad lives in Florida and we are quite proud of all the friends and activities he enjoys, including Special Olympics. Anne is married to Todd (a Purdue grad) and they live in Indianapolis with their two daughters, Mae & Lily. Anne graduated from Northwestern and then attended seminary. She has her own ministry in Indianapolis. Kathleen went to IU and IU Medical School. She became an ophthalmologist and practices with Bob. She is married to Aaron, a hospitalist at IU Hospital. Bob and I enjoy traveling and spend some time in Bonita Springs FL each Winter, as much as his practice allows. Our best times are spent with family and my favorite “job” has been mother and grandmother! I enjoy volunteering with pre-school literacy and belong to several clubs in town. My hobbies have been reading, exercise, gardening and oil painting. I would like to hit a golf ball well enough to not embarrass myself or annoy other golfers...stay tuned!! I also fulfilled a childhood dream and have owned a horse for 20 years! We used to show in hunter/jumper shows but we’ve both retired from that and just enjoy goofing off at the barn! I look forward to attending our 50th reunion next, it doesn’t seem possible!! MANY thanks to the dedicated classmates who have planned past reunions and are making a huge effort to plan the 2019 celebration!
JOHN LIVINGSTON: A great life lived with much more to follow. I've been a physician and surgeon for 31 years---20 years in the Navy. The last 24 years I've practiced trauma surgery and have been trying to retire from that for 4 years. I still teach a 5 day trauma coarse at Ft. Sam Houston in San Antonio 5 days/mos.

I live in Boise Idaho where I now practice General Surgery. I just had dinner last PM with Jay Ball and his Bros. Jerry and they are going to attend my youngest son's graduation from The College of Idaho today. I've been blessed with 3 wonderful boys who I don't see very often. In addition to my military commitments I also sail a 57ft Benateau in the Gulf Islands N. of Seattle. I do this several times a year with my middle son and friends, and plan on taking a year ?! or so off to cruise the world some day soon. In addition to Surgery I've been involved in several business ventures in Cols., Idaho and Alaska.

If there is to be a theme in my life for the next 20 or so years it would be played out on the ocean, with good winds, and time to write, study one of my true passions economics, and enjoy friends and family watching the sun rise and set over Desolation Sound or any other home away from home on my Benateau.

My closest friends in life are from UA, and the inspiration that I received from playing football for Marv Moorehead and playing with the most incredible group of teammates and people one could ever hope to be around is something that I Treasure and think about everyday. To this day those guys and that experience make me a better person than I would have been had I not had those experiences and friendships.As Teddy Roosevelt said "The older we get the more we value the friends of our youth".

Go Bears, and see you at the reunion.

LINDA MACKLIN YODER: Recently retired after 38 years in education. We have three children and four small grandchildren, which are the "ultimate". We live in Buffalo and have no relatives left in Columbus. Can't wait to see you all and share good times and of course have a Tommy's pizza and go to Schmidt's.

UPDATE 2019: Always proud to say that I was from Upper Arlington and I look forward to my visit back there. I have no family left in Columbus and really miss my Midwest roots and friends!

BETH MADDEN SALIMBENE I just wanted you to know that Jim and I officially retired from the Wendy's business after being franchisees for 18 years. We sold all of our restaurants and now have to decide what we want to be when we grow up:) We will celebrate our 25th anniversary in 2007. Wow, time goes fast! I also wanted to give you and my fellow classmates an update on our children. Nicholas (22 years) was commissioned into The United States Army as a 2nd LT. by Senator John McCain at the OSU graduation in June. He will leave for Ft. Benning this Friday, with hopes of pursuing Rangers or Special Forces. He is scheduled to leave for Korea next year.

Michael graduated from The American Musical & Dramatic Academy last month and will begin touring with The American Family Tours as Bob Cratchit in "A Christmas Carol: The Musical." This is a children's theater group, so if anyone is interested in attending, I can provide the cities and dates and perhaps complimentary tickets. He will tour NY, NJ, PA, OH, LA, MS, NM, and TX. Presently he is appearing in a Broadway Workshop (there were 550 auditions only about 10 actor/singers selected for the cast) in Sleepy Hollow: The Musical Adaptation at the York Theater on Nov. 2nd. Michael will also appear in Law & Order Criminal Intent with Vincent D'Nofrio (he plays a disgruntled teenager) this season and regular Law & Order. He also completed a movie called Gracie, directed by Reese Witherspoon, which will be out in spring 2007.
Mary Elizabeth (Michael's twin) is a sophomore in pre-med at The University of Dayton, where she is being trained as an EMT and is even driving the ambulances, which we find hysterical since all of us are a bit afraid to drive with Mary:) She has been shadowing physicians in the Columbus area and working at the OSU Madden Center of Excellence for Parkinson's Disease (which my parents founded) during her summers. I would love to hear from any and all classmates. Life is short and way too precious not to hear from old friends. God bless you all.

JULIE MAY JONES I still live in Upper Arlington. I have taught school for many years in Columbus Public, and in Upper Arlington; in regular ed. and in special ed. Presently I'm teaching a first grader at home for Southwestern Schools. He has a rare medical condition and will never be able to attend public school.I am increasingly interested in child advocacy issues as they pertain to special education services. I met my husband ,Everett, when we attended Capital University. We adopted three special needs sons-two of them with immune deficiencies.Our middle son, Zach, had an extremely rare immune deficiency and died in October of 2001 after battling three years of complications from a ruptured appendix.We miss him a lot. Oldest son ,Tim, lives and works in Grandview. Youngest son, Nat , will graduate from UAHS in 2005.He plays several Special Olympic sports, and has also played on the UA football and track teams.

2009: Here is a quick update on our last 5 years. Oldest son Tim got married in October of 2005, and he and wife ,Christy presented us with our first grand-daughter in April of 2006. Kacey is now 4 and has a little sister,Kaley, who turned 1 this past March. They live near us and we adore them. Nat graduated from UAHS in 2006,so we decided to sell our house on Guilford Road. We moved across the river to The Lakes at Mill Run and love it here. I serve on the condo board, and take care of our gardens. We like the area so much we purchased a second condo -this time at The Millington- for Nat to rent from us. I retired from teaching and work part-time at The Paper Flower at Tremont Shopping Center. It is owned by Lesley Beeson Tate.We do weddings,flowers,and custom stationary work. Come visit us!My husband Everett is still a District Manager with Huntington Bank.

Summer 2011-I am currently working part-time at Coldwater Creek at Lane Ave.I still serve on my condo board and maintain all of the gardens in our community. I am a member of the Palliative Care Working Group at Children's Hospital.And- after participating in the rescue of 369 dogs this March ,I have starting volunteering at Capital Area Humane Society. Everett and I have been married 37 years. The granddaughters are 6 and 3, the grandson is 1.

January, 2018: I work at Talbots at Lane Avenue. I am a Master Gardener through the Ohio State University Extension program. I have 2 granddaughters and a grandson. My husband, Everett, passed away May 20, 2016. I'm looking forward to our 50 th class reunion and all of the organizational activities leading up to it.

UPDATE, June 2019: I retired from Talbots in July of 2018. I am currently serving as president of the Union County Master Gardeners. I am also in a yearlong Volunteer Pollinator Specialist program through the Ohio State University Extension. In short that means I'm learning a lot about pollinators with a focus on bees. My grandchildren are now 14, 11, and 8.

CYNDY McLANE STREET Life is sometimes strange and I find My husband(Scott Street) and myself busier than when our two daughters were young! We had a major career change, of our very own doing, about 8 yrs. back and then recently we bought into SOTHEBY'S INTERNATIONAL REALTY in May 2006. This has been a wonderful thing to catapult our real estate business from being small and family - owned into something much broader with the most state-of-the art tools for marketing on the planet at this time. We found it to be a very classy company and it's enabled us to work with some huge names. We own the rights for the entire state of Ohio and Scott has opened offices in Lakeside, Ohio and wonderful Catawba Island Ohio -both on the shores of Lake Erie! Our two daughters are graduated from College of Charleston,SC and Sally (27) joined us immediately in the business and resides in Victorian village where the "action is!". Our youngest , Kiki (25) tried living and working in the Big Apple for 15 months and learned so very much working for Sotheby's Corporate and came back to U.A. April 2008 where she aquired her real estate Lic as soon as she returned and we now have a family all enmeshed. My partner has been my Sister, Annie (class of '75) Loads of fun and lots of work. Scott Street is the Broker and we recently moved our office to Tremont Center-in the heart of Arlington by the Goodie Shoppe where many of us have fond memories. Along with increasing our office square footage and the best location ever we've expanded from 7 agents to 18 just in Arlington office alone..So, yes, the past years since the 35th reunion have put additional grey hairs on our heads(or should I say removed what was left of Scott's hair altogether) But this is a labor of love for the entire Street Family! Scott and I share two doggies now that we've been empty nesters for sometime I figure we'll always have a dog here somewhere.. We have 2 yr old TUGBOAT and 6 month old SNOOK..Never a dull moment at our household. We continue to boat 1 1/2 hours away, from May - October and recently purchased another boat-a 35 ft. Magnum, which will keep Scott busy this summer in our spare???time??. We enjoy year # 12 of a boat house condo in Bar Harbor Marina and have many "boating friends".Some from UA and Columbus whom we socialize with on weekends up at Lake Erie. With two Real Estate offices there some of it has to be work now, not all pleasure, like in the days when the kids were young! Both Sally & Kiki have suddenly adopted our passion for the weekend get-aways at our Lake condo and have pleased us by joining us, dragging boyfriends, dogs and girlfriends, constantly to our place, which is keeping us young and still partying at Put-In-Bay and the islands! I am surely looking forward to seeing some old familiar faces, but I've been blessed to have 10 of the best High school girl friends who annually rendezvous with me either at my Lake house or other select locations. Something I started on a whim when my Kiki was just 6 mos. old..and the tradition continues every year and we've decided it is the best therapy for us all and we are all still very close! So between Real Estate, Marco Island Winter vacations and Lake Erie work & play, Scott and I are blessed and still going strong!
COLLEEN MCMAHON So much has happened in the last ten years that I hardly know where to begin. It is hard to believe that I have spent ten and a half years as a United States District Judge, but last November I had a big First Decade party with all of my past, present and future law clerks (at least the ones that I have already hired). It was an amazing evening. My job can be tedious and repetitive, but it can also be wonderful fun and extremely interesting. I have presided over cases against Colombian drug lords and child enticers and execution-style murderers, financial fraudsters (a few of whom you may have heard of, but no, not Bernie Madoff!) and tax protesters, identity thieves and a fellow who cheated celebrities out of their public speaking fees (that one was really fun -- I got to meet Magic Johnson, Susan from Sesame Street and James Earl Jones!). I have handled thousands of civil lawsuits and authored a few noteworthy opinions. I get to work with brilliant and delightful young people and I enjoy all my interactions with jurors. In 2007, I transferred my duty station from White Plains to the main courthouse in Southern Manhattan, where I am now comfortably ensconced in lordly judicial chambers every day from 9 to 6! Come visit whenever you find yourselves in the Big Apple!

Frank and I celebrate our 28th wedding anniversary on May 16, so we are not too far behind some of those longest-marrieds! All three of our wonderful kids are grown..........both boys are in college (Patrick studying Economics at Columbia; Brian studying Broadcast Journalism and Kinesiology at Southern Cal), and Katie, who graduated from Ithaca College in 2006, teaches art in an inner city Baltimore high school as part of the Baltimore City Teaching Residency program. She is also pursuing two masters degrees in education, one from Johns Hopkins and one from the Maryland Institute-College of Art. And she is engaged (omigod), to Sgt. Caleb McConnell of Dryden, NY and the 82nd Airborne........who will soon begin his third tour abroad, in either Afghanistan or Iraq, where he has already spend 27 months. All three kids will graduate in 2011, and Katie will get married that summer -- and Frank and I will turn 60 and celebrate our 30th -- and Pat tells us he is going to join the Army or Marines. It should be quite a year.

When the kids finished high school, we bought an apartment in New York City, where I now spend most of my time......Frank still prefers the suburbs, so we have no plans to dispose of our Westchester County home. Our greatest delight is spending time at our family retreat on Martha's Vineyard, where I am usually lucky enough to spend some time with Steven Goldsmith and his family, who vacation there most summers! In our spare time, we pursue our individual passions -- Frank plays more golf than any human being I know, and I sing with two or three chamber choirs as well as my church choir. I still bike when on the Vineyard, and I do a lot of swimming, which is good for my two (!) artificial knees (2005 and 2007). I remain extremely close to my sister and four brothers and all 18 of our respective kids -- the next generation of McMahons -- aalthough we are scattered all over the country. I am the oldest McMahon now -- Dad died in May of 2007 at the age of 87, so for the first time in well over 50 years I have no connection to Halstead Road -- but my brother Barry still lives in UA and I remain a loyal Buckeyes fan.

We have a happy and fulfilling life. I could not ask for more.

PAUL MEISEL: VP Engineering, Kinetics Noise Control. Married, 2 children.

Have hosted 23 Exchange students for all areas of the world.

Hobbies: Cars, Travel.


2014 UPDATE:

Reflecting back on how my life has changed since I wrote the 1st bio for this …. First Major update is my marital Status-- I was recently divorced (nov 2013) after 42 years marriage. A very hard decision, but one I know is right for me today. My daughter still lives in Chicago as her plans for San Francisco changed. She enjoys being a artist in residence in after school programming in Chicago and performing artist in many ways in addition to working on certification in Thai Body Work.

I am continuing to enjoy my retirement from teaching, but do occasional substituting to fund a lot of traveling :) and volunteer at a local retirement home helping with their marketing photography and assisting in the sewing/craft room and with their computer needs.
In December, 2012, I Volunteered for Clean up Efforts in New Jersey for Storm Sandy which was a life changing experience for me. I joined the "Occupy Sandy" organization having no idea their connection to the group that Occupied Wall Street!!! I met wonderful selfless people who were founders of that original organization-- several of who had been arrested in that Endeavor--- however I found them very "giving" individuals and not a bit militant as they had once been described.

I spent a great deal of my time setting up their main distribution warehouse for donations in Philadelphia initially and then embarked on quite the adventure into covering areas up and down coastal new jersey which included not knowing from day to day where i would be or sleep. This part was actually quite fun-- I had a blow up mattress and most of my food in my car-- even slept 2 nights in a pastor's office while helping with distributions of donations in several coastal towns. The devastation was beyond words-- I will eventually finish my blog and photos from this trip and hopefully post. I continued to do phone-banking for them via google phone system when I returned home. To this day I wish I could have done more-- as this area still struggles to rebound from this storm.

My other major trip was last October to the Grand Canyon (on my bucket list) but as they say "timing is everything"-- I arrived just as the Government Shut Down the National Parks!! Needless to say a return trip is in order-- didn't get to see all that I went for. My health has improved 10 fold as I changed my lifestyle to pretty much Vegan eating and Walking 2 miles a day if possible. Feel best I ever have and many ailments all but gone!!
I continue to enjoy my passion of photography-- and hope to put this to a higher use in the future. I continue to look for other opportunities where I might volunteer service to others. Other recent life-altering experiences have given me "pause" to cherish every moment of every day as all We have is the Present Moment.

ORIGINAL BIO: With the upcoming 40th (wow-- hard to believe) reunion, I am adding this update since several events have changed since the last one. First and most important-I have joined the ranks of the "retired" teachers! yeah--31 one years of mostly high school and the last two years teaching middle school-- computer integrated technology. We also successfully sold our cottage near Lake Erie and exchanged it (1031 tax exchange) for a condo in Myrtle Beach (fingers crossed); we have been able to rent out for the past 2 years. Also sold the 1970 restored Corvette on Ebay no less! Have been very successful entreprenuers on Ebay since and I have returned to school for a 3rd degree ???!! majoring in Interactive Multimedia Design (attending both BGSU and LCCC). Ellen--I need to do an internship with you LOL! Since the stock market has taken its firm grip on our retirement savings--figured I better find another career I could be happy doing....time will tell. For those of you who know, just 6mos after the last reunion, I was diagnosed with thyroid cancer-underwent total thyroidectomy and RAI treatment-- still clean-- but this may have caused a (benign) brain tumor on the VIII cranial nerve (hearing)-as I am now the proud owner of a hearing aide! .... I have my only hope is that "depends" arent sure to follow LOL.. Dave continues to be the Chef and enjoys this business and our daughter, Lindsay was accepted at a graduate school and moves from Chicago to San Francisco in August... Just wish the stock market would allow us to follow :) That's about it for now.. Wishing everyone the best of health and happiness in times of unpredictability. We all need to embrace the moment!

JAY MOFFITT: After leaving UA in ‘69, I went to Miami Univ to play golf and of course study. Played in the 1970 NCAA Championship as a freshman for the now Red Hawks who finished in the top 15 in the NCAA that year. Decided to take a sojourn around the country with my thumb and quit school but landed back in Cbus in 71 to enroll at OSU. Graduated with a Geokigy degree then went directly to San Jose State Univ. With an MS in Geology. I have been in Houston since ‘77 working in the energy business for 42 years. I currently am slowing down after drilling and operating several hundred wells in Texas and Louisiana - My wife of 39 years, Laura, is from Louisiana and we have 4 grown children and 2 grand daughters. We spend much of the summers in Jackson Hole where we hike, kayak, play some golf and tennis. Keeping in touch with as many UA friends as possible and look forward to seeing everyone in ‘19!!


A rather shy but mischievous high schooler at UA, I am now quite comfortable in my own skin, enjoying life in the wilds of Montana, having lived here for 40 years. I love to ski, hike and bike with BWAGS (outdoor amazons - can't keep up with the 70 yr. olds!). My work in the Children's Room of our local library fits me to a T as well! Rob, my husband, is as wonderful as the day we met, and our almost 20 year old daughter, Emma, who is a sophomore at Elon University in North Carolina, lights up our lives. We miss her but she is thriving as a Theater Production and Design major there. Since my folks and my brother, Todd, passed away, I don't get back to UA, and my life has definitely moved beyond high school, I do have some fond memories of friendships formed at UA and wish everyone the best when you gather at reunions. Enjoy!

UPDATE 2018: Having lived, worked and played in Montana for the past 45 years, I now call Bozeman, MT home. My husband, Robert, and I have a 24 year old daughter, Emma, who is a stage manager. Rob works for the post office as a letter carrier and I now work at the Bozeman Public Library as a Children's Librarian after years of teaching elementary school, Spanish at a Montessori school, and Social Studies and Health Ed. at an alternative high school. I love playing Pickleball, hiking, biking and skiing with a women's group called the BWAGS, and am involved in two book groups. I also volunteer every week with our local Food Bank, and for our local symphony. I've done a great deal of non-profit work over the years here which has been quite rewarding. Life is great out here in Montana so I'm grateful for good health and all our blessings.


VICKIE MURPHY WOW! 40 years! Since the 35th, I've married Daniel L Davis, PhD (Grandview Heights High School, 1969) who played against UA in 1967 in the final Grandview/UA football game…he remembers it well and can even tell you the score in case you don't recall. Music is still on my agenda as I assist in leading music at First Community Church at the 10:25 service. I'm employed at Real Living HER…yes, the office on the corner of Kenny and Fishinger. And I'm in my 5th and final semester of a program called Wellstreams (see where I'm training to become a Spiritual Director. My 5 children are doing well and Dan and I are delighting in finally being empty nesters.

UPDATE: 50 years! 50 years! I still feel like I'm 18 despite the creaking bones and deepening wrinkles (I call them lines of wisdom HAH!). What joy to spend this upcoming 4th of July holiday with many of you, my longtime friends. All is Well. 5 kids: Chicago, Annapolis, Bozeman, East Lansing and even one in Columbus. 3 Grandkids and expecting more. Husband Dan, Grandview Class of '69, still has a busy psychology practice and I'm his office manager which means I'm the "boss." Although I didn't know Gary Baird 5 years ago, we're now related since my daughter married his son in 2018. We both plan to walk the parade route again. Enjoying music and travel and life!

DAVE MURRAY: David graduated from Denison University in 1973 and completed his doctorate in Experimental Psychology at the University of Tennessee in 1978. He took a postdoc in Epidemiology at the University of Minnesota and stayed for 20 years, finishing as a tenured Professor of Epidemiology. That same year, he moved to the University of Memphis where he held an endowed chair in the Psychology Department. In 2005, he became Chair of the Division of Epidemiology at The Ohio State University. Throughout his academic career he focused on the design and analysis of trials to evaluate the impact of health promotion and disease prevention interventions. In 2012, he became the Associate Director for Prevention at the National Institutes of Health in Washington DC, where he is also the Director of the Office of Disease Prevention. In those roles, he is responsible for stimulating prevention research across all of the Institutes and Centers at NIH. More information is available at the ODP website ( David is married and enjoys sailing, travel, and cooking. He has no plans to retire.
JOHN NEALE I graduated from OSU in 1973 with a BS degree in Zoology and again in 1977 with a Dental Degree. After graduating from dental school, I was commissioned as a Lieutenant in the US Public Health Service and began a career in the Indian Health Service. From 1977 until 1999, my wife and I lived on 8 different Indian Reservations in the Western US while I provided dental services to Native Americans. I also attended the Uniformed Services University of the Health Sciences in Bethesda MD in 1992-93 and received a Master of Public Health Degree in Health Services Administration.I retired from the Service at the rank of CAPT (Navy equivalent) on July 1, 1999. In December, 1999, we moved to Farmington, in the four-corners region of New Mexico, and I began my second career as a locum-tenens dentist and Public Health Consultant. I continued practicing clinical dentistry in non-profit clinics until January, 2007; when, after volunteering for a week in a free clinic in New Orleans that served Katrina victims, I hung up my handpiece and retired from the clinic.

Interestingly, while I have not lived in Ohio since 1977, my Consulting business has brought me back to the state numerous times in the past decade. In 2001, I began work on a project with the Division of Oral Health (DOH) of the Ohio Department of health. Over the next two years, we created a website designed to help Safety Net Dental Clinics (i.e., non-profit clinics that serve the uninsured and Medicaid populations). The Safety Net Dental Clinic Manual at has been up and running since 2003 and has helped thousands of clinics around the world improve their operations. We continue to get several thousand hits on the website and several thousand downloads from it each month. I wrote and am responsible for continuously updating 2 of the 5 chapters of the manual, on Clinic Operations and on Quality Assessment, and will soon be adding a 6th chapter on Clinic Sustainability. Since 2006, I have also been working on the Oral Health Capacity Building Project, another project in partnership with the Ohio DOH and several charitable foundations in Ohio to improve the capacity and sustainability of Dental Safety Net clinics in the state. This project has brought me back to Ohio 3 to 4 times a year since then to review clinics and develop performance improvement plans to help then keep their doors open. To date, I have reviewed 17 clinics around the State serving over 200,000 people who have no other access to dental care. Remember, Oral Health Isn't Optional. My wife Susan and I have no children. We currently have 2 dogs, 1 cat, two miniature horses, three pygmy goats, and some chickens. My wife is the true animal lover in the family and volunteers as the Director of the Spay/Neuter Program for the San Juan Animal League, a local animal welfare non-profit.

In my free time, I have become a runner (I did the Columbus Marathon in 1987), bicyclist, and triathlete. In 1998, I was the Rocky Mountain Regional Masters Champion at the Olympic distance triathlon for USA Triathlon, the national sanctioning body. Last year (2008), I succeeded in crossing the #1 item off my bucket list by competing in and finishing an Ironman triathlon in Tempe, Arizona (2.4 mile swim, 112 mile bike, and 26.2 mile run).

DENISE NEUBECK Where to begin, I moved with my Mom to the teeming metropolis of DeBary Florida the summer of 1967. We called it Dead Bary for good reason, the median age was 70. When 4 of us boarded the bus to DeLand HS, I knew my social life was over. It turned out not to be so bad, though I did make my friends sick hearing about how great it was in Columbus, Ohio. Everytime I returned from visiting Laura Silbaugh Craig, they would ask where I got my clothes. My answer, Ohio. It did earn me "Best Dressed" in the Senior Superlatives in our yearbook. I did more at DHS than I would ever have done at UAHS. It gave me confidence. I came back for "Bar None" in '67 and '68. It was always great to see Laura, Barbie Ohlinger, Susie Dick and Susie Wagner. By the way I can't seem to pull Laura Silbaugh out of Littleton, Colorado. She promises to come to the 40 year one. We share the same birthday as Christine Jaeger and the three of us are "sisters" in Kappa Alpha Theta from three different colleges, Hanover, Depaw and Butler. I learned you never get away from UA. One night in '78 at 10pm, I am buying diapers at Albertsons, I hear "Denise, Denise, It's me Libbie Pfefferle from Hastings Junior High. Obviously I hadn't changed much. I almost went to college with Craig Anderson at Muskingam. But after living behind three older sisters, I didn't want to go to a college where my cousin was a professor and my grandmother lived in town. I attended Hanover College in Indiana (where many UA grads were attending), vowing never to live in Florida again. Famous last words. After my freshman year, I worked at the Florida Easter Seal Camp for Crippled Children, as a counselor where I met my husband of 34 years, Lonnie. We met in June, were engaged in August, married in Dec. I transferred to Rollins College, became a nurse and am still here in sunny Florida. I recieved my Masters in Health Care Administration and am Admin Nurse Manager of and Intensive Care Unit and an Oncology Unit... two of the "happiest?" places in Florida Hospital, Altamone division. I also am an Ethics triage person for the 7 campuses' Bio Ethics committee. Lonnie (a 5th grade teacher) and I have 3 children, Andrea 27 an EMH teacher, Heather 23 in finance and Lonnie III (how pretencious) 18, who will be attending Saint Leo Uiversity in Fla. He is a NCAA division II soccer player. I thought of Larry Harmon when Kenny was playing Varsity LaCrosse in High School, but his soccer coaches said he had to decide, so he stuck with soccer. Larry, do you remember who you were with when Neal Amstrong walked on the moon? One of the greatest things that ever happened to me was Lasik Eye surgery. I no longer wear Coke bottle bottom glasses, my trademark since I was 18 months old. I am not going through a "mid life crisis" as Pat Dynes mentioned, it is the "empty nest" syndrome. I look forward to seeing you soon.
LINDA NOLAN SZYMANSKI When I thought about writing about my life since 1969 I was amazed that 35 years have actually gone by. WHEN did that happen? I felt at first, I haven’t done all that much and thought perhaps I had nothing to say of interest, but then I began to put pencil to paper and what unfolded was really amazing… so far. I went to Univ. of Cincinnati and enjoyed it, except for a few campus riots, a death in my dorm – the girl was murdered over drugs, a lot of war protests and the one of my personal highlights the opportunity to see Joe Namouth play the Bengals in U.C. Stadium! I met Steve Jesseph, Class of ’69 at the end of our senior year, and married him the summer of 1971 and thought I married a pre-med student, but life never turns out the way you had imagined, does it? We had two fantastic kids, Jason, turning 30 this year and the proud owner of his recent MBA degree., and Lane getting married this year to a lovely Southern young lady in Asheville, N.C. In 1980, I became single and Dissolutioned (no pun intended) and joined America as a growing statistic, but there was the compensation of the 80’s great music and great dancing and for 10 years, I got to be mom, on and off (too complicated to go into here…), worked at numerous secretarial positions- Engineering, Banking, Stock Brokerage Firms and my personal favorite Cardiology (maybe I should have become the doctor…?), anyway, FINALLY, I found something I loved and worked hard be to become a professional Interior Designer with a small local firm and eventually grew into own my own design business, Dublin Interiors before the end of the decade! In 1990 I got remarried to one of my former design clients, Matthew Szymanski, an Industrial Engineer and IBM’er and then in 1992, we welcomed the light of the our life, Katharine Paige to the world (I was 41 for those of you trying to count on your fingers) and we were off to the races! She’s fantastic, a real gift and a lot of fun! I ran Dublin Interiors, playpen in the back room and all, for a couple of years while my husband went back to Graduate School at O.S.U. for his Masters and got his degree and his P.E., Professional Engineer’s License in Ohio, in 1994. He spent about 1 l/2 years on an engineering assignment with Chrysler in Kokomo, Indiana, one of my daughter’s first words was KO-KO-MO. She and I stayed in Columbus and while I ran the shop in Dublin and lived on Lane Road in Arlington and he came home on weekends. It worked. Then in 1996 we had to move to Toledo for my husband’s work, I had to close the shop. It didn’t take long for me to realize I was a duck out of water, or should I say a BEAR out of the woods, in Toledo. I’ve tried to make the best of it, but it’s not me. I even opened a shop here in 2000, Interior Images, Ltd. And while it was very successful, my mother, age 91, had to come and live with me and then there was 9/11 and I made the decision to close the shop and take care of my mother. Good decision…sometimes you don’t get a second chance to say good-bye. When not making the world more beautiful one room at a time, I am writing a novel, “THE GRAND ILLUSION” about pre-World War One. It takes place in Europe, involves my fictional characters and real life events what led up to the Great War. Hopefully you can catch me on OPHRA someday! I’m also taking classes in writing to be a Copy Writer at The American Institute of Artists and Writers and so far I love it! I left the BEST until last, I’m an official real GRANDMOTHER! My son, Jason and his wife Laura, in Atlanta, had twin girls, Emily and Sarah, in September, 2003. I don’t get to see them nearly enough, but it’s a wonderful thing to see the next generation in two such beautiful little packages! Ask me at the reunion, I’ll have pictures! See you then!
CANDY PATTERSON LAMEL: I earned my BFA in Fine Arts from Miami of Ohio, and then an MBA in Business Management at the University of Dallas and worked in Finance with Xerox from 1975 until 1992. I married Ron Counts (UA '67) in 1976 (and he moved to Texas) but we divorced 14 years later. Ron and I HAVE two beautiful children, and our daughter and her husband blessed us with a grand son 9 months ago. I remarried in 1992, and my husband Jerry retired from Xerox in 1998, which is when we moved back here from California. He and Ron both walked our daughter down the aisle when she was married, and Jerry and I travel to south Texas often, to visit with her and her young family, but we don't travel north. My son, and his son by a prior marriage still live in the Dallas area. Since marrying Jerry, I've only been back twice to Upper Arlington, once for a niece's wedding, and Jerry didn't come with me that trip, and then once again, to bury my mother there next to my father after she passed away two years ago. It was a bittersweet trip, but we enjoyed our visit with Sue and Jim, and it was nice to finally show Jerry where I grew up. I will not be attending the reunion this July, but I'll certainly look forward to seeing the pictures I know you will post.

SUSAN PERRY SMITH: I'm a retired Registered nurse. I lost my sweetheart, Rick, 4 years ago. I am blessed with 5 children and 8 grandchildren.

I enjoy training my German Shepherds, and spend time with my Grandkids, who are the loves of my life. I enjoy traveling and have traveled internationally.

LIBBIE PFEFFERLE TROTT: After I graduated from UA, I went to OSU and became an Art Teacher. I married Bruce Trott, 35 years, who I met through a blind date arranged by Cathy Calderone (thanks Cathy!). I have two children, Jason, 33 and Holly, 28. We have moved and made homes in Rochester, NY, Orlando, Florida, and Worthington, Ohio. I am still teaching art, in Worthington. I live in the Worthington/Dublin area with Bruce and 2 dogs. I keep in contact with my high school/college buddies, Ellen Isaly and Denise Kontras.

UPDATE 2019: After 28 years of teaching Art, I've retired and moved to sunny Florida with my husband of 43 years (1974). I enjoy my Grandkids, Reading, Art, Crafts & Beaches!

KEN PFEIFER: Kenneth R. Pfeifer, a top performing Account Executive and Recruiter for Stone Search Services, Inc., has a long record of success in management, sales and leadership within the business community and the US Armed Forces.

Prior to beginning his career at Stone Search Services, Ken developed his client-centered approach to business in the Insurance Industry. With ten years of experience as a multi-line insurance agency owner and fifteen years in large corporate property and casualty insurance. Four of those years as a Vice President for Frank B. Hall of Ohio, Inc. the 5th largest international brokerage firm in the world. He has learned to understand the needs of small business owners and large corporate clients. Ken has many years of experience creating customized solutions which exceed the expectations of his clientele.

Ken's has successful experience recruiting management and staff professionals across industries which include Professional Services, E-Business, Software Development, and Financial Services.

During his 30 year military career, Ken earned the rank of Brigade Command Sergeant Major and has extensive Leadership Identification and Development experience. Ken's last 14 years in the Army were spent as a Command Sergeant Major, holding that position in 4 different commands, 2 battalions and 2 brigades. He was deployed from both brigade commands, first to Kosovo as the Command Sergeant Major for Task Force Medical Falcon IV, in 2001 for 8 months, and then to Ft. Polk, Lousiana in 2004 as the Command Sergeant Major for the Mobilization Training Command for 14 months. He is certified to deliver all Army non-commissioned officer Professional Leadership Development courses, and has received numerous awards and commendations including three Meritorious Service Medals and six Army Commendation Medals. Ken retired from the Army in 2007.

Ken holds an undergraduate degree from The Ohio State University, and has received his Certified Personnel Consultant (CPC) designation and he lives in Dublin with his wife Dawn and 13 year old daughter Sarah.

STEVE POLK - I started Polk Financial Services in 1975 and continue today as President. I am a Certified Financial Planner and Registered Investment Advisor managing money for a small group of high net worth, high income individuals in addition to advising them in their estate planning and tax planning. I was recognized as one of the " Best Financial Planners" in America in the 15th year anniversary issue of Money Magazine.
MICHAEL RADCLIFF: Mike + Margene Radcliff - together for 45 years - employed in OH, MN, NJ, NC - worked around the world - 4 sons, 2 grandsons, more to come!
HARRY REINHART - Attorney in private practice since 1988, pilot, former marathon runner (13), open water diver, gardener, and patron of the arts (i.e., I lose money gambling with Carter Lewis). Attended OSU after high school until the riots, then transferred down to Ohio Univeristy. B.A. in Philosophy, then Capital University Law School. Ohio Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers:Director and Founding Member, Vice-President Amicus/Strike Force Committee (1991-1995); Vice President for Publications (1995-97), President for 1997 - 1998; Chairman, Board of Directors (1998 ­ 1999); Vice-President Legislation (1999-2000); current Member of the Board of Directors. National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers (Legislative Coordinator for Ohio). Central Ohio Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers: Director and Founding Member. Aircraft Owners & Pilots Association (A.O.P.A.), Angel Flight Volunteer Pilot; Homeland Security Emergency Air Transportation System (H.S.E.A.T.S.), Certified Homeland Security Angel Flight Pilot, secondary responder (October, 2005).
BRUCE REINWALD: 2017 - Living in Chicago with Rita not far from Wrigley Field. Enjoying life with 1 grandchild and 2 more on the way! Working at growing my company and staying in touch and getting together as often as possible with great friends from Class of 69 at this time of our "advanced teenager" years.

CRAIG RENKERT:I'm retired and recently returned to Oregon; central Oregon this time. We are building a home and establishing roots here. It's a great area of the country with lots of active outdoor opportunities.

Update 2019: Since graduating, I lived in Colorado, Alaska, and Oregon. From 2006 to 2017 I lived in Hilliard, before returning to Oregon in 2018. Barbara Renkert (Fenner, Nygren) and I got married in 2008.

ED RHINE: I was certified for scuba diving in 11th grade, and still going diving (now and then).
DOUG ROBERTS is a pilot, a musician, a singer, a teacher, a great storyteller, a marathon runner, and a dedicated attorney in the areas of wrongful death, personal injury, drunk driving cases, and insurance litigation.Doug has spent most of his legal career representing families who have sustained significant losses as the result of drunk driving. With his experience and expertise, he helped victims get justice, accountability, and restitution from the drunk driver in both the criminal and civil justice system. Compassionate, creative, bright, and dedicated, Doug has successfully represented hundreds of families, helping them recover from drunk driving tragedies. He frequently testifies before House and Senate Committees on bills that affect drunk driving victims, and he has written many of the drunk driving laws in Ohio. He has been recognized numerous times by Ohio chapter of Mothers Against Drunk Driving (M.A.D.D.) for his outstanding service to the organization and to victims of drunk driving. In 2004, MADD awarded him with their MADD Ohio Distinctive Service Award for his exceptional dedication and service to Mothers Against Drunk Driving. In 1993, The Ohio Department of Public Safety honored him with the Urie C. Felty Award for his outstanding contribution to highway safety. He was the first trial lawyer in the history of Ohio to receive such an award. Voted one of the top lawyers in the Greater Columbus area in 2004, Mr. Roberts is a frequent lecturer for attorneys and legal groups all over the country on the issues of insurance, trial practice, tort reform, and subrogation. The Ohio Academy of Trial Lawyers has honored him twice for his legal scholarship and commitment to the Academy's Continuing Legal Education (CLE) programs. He also teaches at Capital Law School in the nurse paralegal program. One of Doug's greatest rewards comes from helping others whether through the practice of law or through volunteering. As a private pilot, Doug volunteers for Angel Flight, flying patients to and from medical treatment. He and his twin brother - who is also a lawyer - volunteer at a local hospital singing for patients. Doug frequently comments, "This reminds us what's really important, health, friends, love and family. We do it because we get more than we give." The father of three teenage children, he often encourages his children to join him at the hospital. With the same endurance that he applies to his practice, Doug has run 9 marathons, frequently accompanied by his children, and makes the 26.2-mile Columbus Marathon a family event and celebration of life. Doug applied to law school because he was so affected by Charles Dickens' driving desire for social justice, which he learned about during a course of independent study. A 1976 summa cum laude graduate of The Ohio State University College of Law, Doug's professional memberships include the Columbus Bar Association, Ohio State Bar Association, American Bar Association, Ohio Academy of Trial Lawyers, Franklin County Trial Lawyers Association, Association of Trial Lawyers of America, and the Million Dollar Advocates Forum. He is also a member of the Aircraft Owner's & Pilot's Association (AOPA), Columbus Northwest Flyer's Club, Cessna Owner's Association (COA), Cessna Pilot's Association (CPA) and EAA (Experimental Aircraft Association).
BOB RUSSELL - Katy (my wife of 30 years) who I married right after graduation from Ohio U and I are back in Columbus all the time to see my parents, my brother Chris and his family who still live in Arlington, and all her Alpha XI Delta sisters who are in Arlington. I'm so bummed that I'm not making it for this weekend. Getting all the kids back for a weekend becomes something we all live for has we become a little older so I know you will understand. Rob my oldest son lives and works in Philly after graduating last year from St. Lawrence. Matt (#2) attends the US NAVAL ACADEMY and was the goalie on the lacrosse team that made it to the NCAA national championship game 2 weeks ago. Kevin (#3) just graduated from HS last weekend and is getting ready for college in the fall. Katy is still teaching Kindergarten and loves ever moment of it. I bought a Software company a couple of years ago and it's the best thing that I ever did. After way to many years of commuting into New York City this is a blast. Losing a couple of serious friends and neighbors on 9/11 made the commute into the city something that really took the fun out of going to work there. I've stay active with continuing to referee College Ice Hockey for the ECAC and proving that playing lots of golf doesn't get you to the SR's Tour. Katy and I are very active with the Ronald McDonald House @ Yale. We enjoy long weekends cruising Block Island Sound, playing golf and working in the yard.
UPDATE 2013: Retired on the Connecticut Shoreline loving every minute !
ELIZABETH (JANE) SHERIFF I am currently living in beautiful and very hot Las Vegas, Nevada. I have been living in various places around the United States over the years - Ohio, Virginia, West Virginia, Pennsylvania, Texas, Colorado, Utah, Nevada, Washington, New Mexico, etc. Over the years I have had various jobs including geologist, chemist, park ranger and teacher. I currently am teaching high school science at Sunrise Mountain High School in Las Vegas, Nevada, and during the summers I work as a seasonal park ranger for the National Park Service (I have worked in various parks - Grand Canyon, Yellowstone, Salem Maritime, Cape Hatteras, etc) and normally work in a different park each summer - great for getting to know the area! Over the course of time I have attended 11 different colleges and universities (still taking courses) and earned a couple of degrees. I have been married a couple of times and had some significant others but am currently single. I have one son, Nicholas Alexander Sheriff (yes, he has my name because I raised him, not his dad) who is currently a United States Marine intelligence person (he did make Eagle Scout for those who saw the previous bio) and is thrilled to be serving our country (I must have done something right along the way). I am still an expert on moving (due to all the various moves) so if anyone needs helpful hints if they are moving, I am glad to help out. I have been fortunate to have good health for the most part and love being here in the western states. Overall, with a few ups and downs here and there, I have had a great life so far and hope to continue in that mode.
UPDATE 2014: Currently a geologist and a high school teacher in Las Vegas. I have worked as a park ranger for the National Park Service. I have a wounded warrior Marine son that did some tours in Iraq. I am also a breast cancer survivor.
STEVE SIMS - I was graduated from Univ of CO in 1988 with a double major (English/Interpersonal Communication), and minors in Journalism and Geology, and worked as a consultant/technical writer until 2008. I moved from Co Spgs to Denver in 1992, and to GA in 1998. I remarried in 2004 to Patricia (nee) Reagan, and we raised my two children.

During the years 1971-75, I raced motorcycles off-road. In 1976, I tried hang-gliding--until a close friend nearly died in an hang-gliding accident. In 1977, I was certified in sky diving. From 1977-1983, I mountain climbed, and toured the US and parts of Mexico by motorcycle. During the years 1983-1993, I became heavily involved in caving (as we who do it, call it!), traveling to many states and exploring/mapping many caves. I became certified as a cave (SCUBA) diver in 1989, and was pictured in the April, 1991 National Geographic magazine (featuring Lechuguilla Cave, in NM) on the title page (I am the caver climbing the rope). I've been in several caving video productions that have been nationally televised. In 1993 (at age 44), I rappeled the deepest open-air pit in the world (Golandrinas, in Central Mexico; 1200' deep).

I retired in 2011, but am still very active outdoors and in good health. My wife and I are very involved in our church (we are Believers in the Lord Jesus Christ).

SHERYL STAFFORD KIBBEY: After UAHS, I started working, a job at OSU Administrative Systems, and married Ken (North HS, class of 1968) in 1971. Ken taught school in Columbus. I stayed home with kids, then later rejoining the workforce selling children's books to schools and libraries.We have 3 grown kids, 2 in the Columbus area. Our youngest is in the Air Force, so he has been all over the world. Currently, he is in San Antonio and that is where we visit our 4 grandkids. We love to travel, quite a bit was done on sailboats all over the Great Lakes. Now we enjoy traveling across the US, especially National Parks, with our travel trailer. Life is good.

ANNE TAYLOR: 40 years ago: I went off to college (OU&OSU) in the golden age of activism and adventure.
30 years ago: I opened my law practice and bought a briefcase that was embossed with "serve the people".
18 years ago: I was elected Judge of the Franklin County Municipal Court and I started traveling the world.
Now: I continue to serve as a judge and I've climbed a mountain on every continent. Nothing really changes.
CINDY TEACHNOR GRAHAM  I married Bill Briscoe (class of 68) shortly after graduation and moved to Sarasota, Florida when Bill graduated from OSU. I managed a Little Professor Book Store and raised a daughter, Heather, (with Bill) until our divorce in 1975. I moved back to Columbus and managed a dental office for Bill Allen (class of 64, I think) until my husband Gene drafted me to manage his Podiatry practice and computerize it. Gene and I have been married for 29 years and have a son Nick. Nick graduated from Capitol University and is married to Katie. Heather is married to Steve and has two children. Bill and I still keep in touch and are the proud grandparents of Nicole and Danny. Nicole just started her freshman year at OSU, Go Bucks! Does that make you feel old? I am still working in Gene's podiatry office taking x-rays and managing the practice. It has become a family sister Jennifer (class of 67), daughter Heather and granddaughter Nicole all pitch in to help. In my "spare" time, I write entertainment pages for an online start-up called Mahalo. Please check it out at for gossip and current news. I also love to golf and play Texas Hold'em. I am looking forward to seeing lots of new and old faces in 2009.
DANA THOMPSON: I went to Ohio State, got bachelor's and master's degrees in Chemical Engineering, and went to Ohio EPA Water Division where I engaged in inventory and projection of industrial wastewater discharges, for the purpose of water quality management planning. After two years of that, I spent two years as a project engineer at a large primary aluminum smelter south of Wheeling, and then I moved to Phildelphia to become a development engineer for a manufacturer of industrial heat transfer equipment. After that company dissolved its research division during the recession of 1982, I moved back to Columbus and became an industrial hygiene workplace inspector for the federal OSHA. I spent two years there, then entered the Ohio State full-time MBA program and graduated in 1989. Thence I went to my present position with the Ohio EPA Air Division, where I do air emissions dispersion modeling, develop state rules for various subject matter, generate installation and operating permits for new air pollution sources, counsel coworkers on ways to cut red tape (lengthwise, always lengthwise!), engage in dilatory and obfuscative tactics, walk around with a coffee cup in my hand, and generally fill the Wally role in the local Dilbert mileau. It may be a life of quiet desperation, but hey, at least it's quiet.
MARTY TODD Married to wife, Carolyn, and I have 3 sons: Stewart is 18 and going to UNC at Chapel Hill. Tyler is 16 and Brendon is 13. All 3 boys are good golfers. Lived in Pittsburgh for 23 years and have been in Raleigh, NC for the past 3 years. Life is great. Look forward to hearing from everyone if you're down this way.
JEFF TORRENCE: Here is a family photo from 2019, before the 50-year reunion.
NANCY TRABUE O'DONNELL After graduating from UAHS, marrying Bob, and having my first baby, almost simultaneously (HA!) - I was off to a roaring start! 3 years later, I'm on my own with a toddler. What an adventure! Bonnie is now 30 years old (go figure) and finishing nursing school. She's a gem. Convinced a happy, loving marriage that included healthy, energetic children was not in my future, I searched for a career that would have meaning. My first job was cashier at Big Bear in Grandview, (tee-hee!) Paid lousy, hours were the pits, but Bonnie and I had food on the table, clothes on our backs, and a roof over our heads. No complaints. One day, as I was shoving those groceries down the belt, Walt Dennis' father came into the store and offered me a job at his business - the House of Foam. No, it wasn't wholesale beer kegs!! After several years and several positions there, I was offered the position of Bridal Consultant for a local China and Crystal store. That was a fun job! Then I was assistant manager of a fine jewelry store in Connecticut. Next, I began my career with ADP in Columbus, where I was for 7 years. Met a happy Irishman from Grove City who, over the course of 5 years, convinced me marriage wasn't such a bad thing after all. Took a deep breath and . . . here we are, married for nearly 12 years, 2 more wonderful children, living in a beautiful turn-of-the century Victorian home, complete with wrap around front porch and painted lady colors! Jamie and I had our first child when I was 38. Not wanting to raise him as an only child (already did that once!), we tried for another, twice, but it was not to be as we lost them both. So . . . we adopted. The first adoption was not to be either. After raising a little girl as our own for 6 months, we had to return her to her 15 year old unmarried birth-mother because her 16 year old birth-father decided he wanted to keep her. Laws have since been passed here in Illinois to prevent this from ever happening to anyone else. 5 months later we were blessed with a beautiful red-headed little Irish lass (we named her Molly, of course!), who has her father wrapped around all 10! I am currently a Longaberger Consultant, Chairman of the Beautification Committee of our local garden club, Treasurer of our library, member of the Vision and Re-Mapping committee of our town, Coordinator of the local MOPS group (Mothers of Preschoolers), and Secretary of Shakespeare Club. I think Bonnie and Molly would qualify me as the one with the oldest child - and the youngest! Love to all. Have a wonderful reunion! Nancy

TWINK VON ROHR: Retired Art teacher. Live in a resort town on 2 lakes in Indiana. Have 3 sons and 1 grandson. Still spend my summer on Pickerel Lake in South Dakota. Travel to Texas quite a lot as 2 of my sons and grandson live there. Still ride and own a Friesian gelding.

My BFF is still Birti Hardie, so I come back to Columbus a lot as well. Thats’s it in a nutshell!

DEBBIE WARDEN BETTIS: After living in Ann Arbor, New Orleans, and Dallas, we spent 23 years in Chapel Hill, NC, then downsized to rural Pittsboro 2 yrs ago. UAHS and OSU don't seem all that long ago; so how'd we get gray hair and grandchildren?
LINDA WATSON HANSON: Attended BGSU and The Ohio State University. Married Chet Hanson from UA Class of '68 & we have been married 47 years. We have 2 children and 2 grandchildren( who light up our lives).

I recently retired from OhioHealth after 44 years in Health Care. I worked 24 years at Riverside Methodist Hospital and my last 20 years for Ohio Heath Hospice at the Kobacker House-our free standing Inpatient Unit for our hospice patients.

SALLY WHIPPLE RUDY: Hi Everyone! I don't think I've written a bio since maybe our 10th anniversary! So, of course many things have happened in the past 30 years. After graduation from Miami in 1973, I married my college sweetheart, Bob Rudy, and began my teaching career in Covington, OH. Covington is a very small, rural village (pop. 3,000...and that's stretching it!). After earning my bachelor's degree at age 22, I returned to college for my master's degree at age 52. In June 2007 I retired after 30 years of teaching in the same elementary school! The school building itself actually reminded me of a smaller version of Tremont Elementary. Needless to say I was "an institution" there, and I taught many second-generation students. I loved teaching, but I think I love retirement more!! Bob and I will celebrate our 36th wedding anniversary this August. We have a 31 year-old son, Brian, who works with Bob in the family grain business. Our 29 year-old daughter, Jill, is a NICU nurse in Laguna Hills, CA. We have no grandchildren yet, but we do have a sweet 2 year-old Maltese who's our baby for now!

Recently I've had some health issues...a knee replacement in 2008, followed by breast cancer, diagnosed this past March. I had surgery, followed by radiation, and now hormone therapy. We'll have to compare notes, Julie, (Hackenberg)...we now have a new bond, in addition to being UA69ers! Now that I'm retired, and my husband can work away from his office, we spend some of the winter months in Naples, Florida. I didn't realize this, but I was told at a reunion committee gathering that Naples is a favorite spot for some of our classmates as well. Maybe we'll cross paths there someday! I'm really looking forward to spending time with long-time friends (notice I didn't say "old"!) at the upcoming reunion...I'd like to especially thank Ellen and Pat for all of their time and effort spent in chairing this 3-day event. They are truly devoted to keeping us all be sure to thank them when you see them! See you soon! :)
LINDA WHITEMAN UHRENHOLT I'm with Pacific Bell out here in California (the CA baby bell) in their Education Market Group. I teach educators how to effectively use technology such as the internet and videoconferencing in the classroom. (I've done tons of videoconferencing to Ohio State and the Cincinnati Zoo). I also help the San Francisco Giants baseball team with a Kids website.
LARRY WILEY Bio coming soon
JOHN WHEATLEY: Then: With the exception of speech classes, very little interest in schoolwork/learning; though Junior Achievement was a great source of knowledge, training, excellence and self-worth. Now: Addicted to learning, history, architecture, the fine arts, reading, design, Christianity, marketing and travel. Married, wonderfully happy; blessed beyond belief. My wife, Kimberly, and I will celebrate 40 years of marriage in June of 2014. We brought two wonderful daughters into the world--our oldest, Hilary, is married to Brain and living in Pittsburgh. Exactly like my father, John Cobb, she practices law & Brian owns his own landscape, design and maintenance business. On November 8, 2011, they delivered our 1st grandchild to this world: Garett Cobb. He's nearly two and beyond terrific! Our younger daughter is a teacher at The Heinzerling Foundation in Southwest Franklin County. The contribution she is making to this world from her heart and the contribution Hilary is making from her brain make me burst with pride. Last of all, after more than 50 years of residency on Beverly Road, my parents moved to Friendship Village of Dublin. Dad is now 91; Mom turned 92 in August--both have health, eyesight, mobility and, generally, hearing! I couldn't be more thankful.
BECKY WILLIAMS EDWARDS: I am retired from teaching practical nursing and enjoying every minute. I have 5 grandchildren, 2 girls in Texas and 3 boys that live here. I enjoy hiking, biking, camping and volunteering through church and several Civic organizations.

JOHN WILLIAMS : In June, 1969 I couldn't wait another second to get out of UAHS and out of my house. I was rebellious and looking to spring free of what I perceived to be the bonds holding me back. I left UA and I left family and I left the state and started the course to what would become my life. I moved to Michigan to attend Michigan State University. I pursued a degree in Finance, spent a summer as a chef in Jackson Hole, Wyoming and another summer in Europe freely traveling on a Eurail pass. Back in the USA I found a job in banking and then pursued a Masters Degree in Management. Throughout my life I have been a compulsive volunteer. Kiwanis. Salvation Army. Main Street. Cub Scouts. Boy Scouts. Soccer. Baseball. Crisis Intervention. SCORE and Chamber of Commerce. I left banking in 1995 after 20 years and pursued my dream to own my own business by purchasing a manufacturing company. I have had highs and lows. I have been almost bankrupt twice but have persevered and love what I do. I love the manufacturing process and love seeing the results of what I build. I recently retired after 11 years as the local scoutmaster and proudly recognized six Eagle Scouts graduating from the Class of 2009. I have been married 33 years and have two sons and one grand daughter. I recently started two new businesses and am optimistic that the best times of my life are ahead.

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