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Jeff Torrence and Family - 2019
Pat Dynes' Family
Gary Smith, wife Ann and daughter Amanda: 2013
Patti Elam and Extended Family
Sharon Bonnie Judah and her three daughters
Diane Adair's Family
Libbie Pfefferle with her husband, Bruce Trott, and their children Jason and Holly Trott.
Lynn Dee (Gardner) and Dan Rohr
with Cassie and Brendan
Heather, Linda, Frederick, Roger,
Gretchen Doering
Mary Ervin and Grandchildren
Patti Elam and sons Max & Trevor
Linda Nolan's Family
Kathy Hart Sigrist Family
Beth Madden Salimbene's Family
Gretchen Baas Towers Family
Ellen Isaly and Bill Clark's Family
Diane Frick and her daughter, Victoria
Tom and Ann Springer Kinney with
grandson, Jack
Mary Ervin and grandson
Sheryl Stafford Kibbey's Family
Bob Wiseman's Family
Diane Frick: 4 Generations





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